Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Quits Band

Jeff Tuttle, rhythm guitarist for the math-core band The Dillinger Escape Plan since 2007, has quit the band. However, Lambgoat.com says the decision was “amicable.” Statements from Tuttle, the band, and their singer Greg Puciato all explain that Tuttle wishes to pursue a career in film, “something I’ve been deeply passionate about for many years,” the guitarist says. ┬áBoth he and Puciato acknowledge that The Dillinger Escape Plan is a an “animal of a band,” one┬áthat “isn’t always easy to be in, mentally, emotionally, and definitely not physically,” so he deserves quite a bit of credit for sticking it out with them for the past six years.

Though it’s sad to see Tuttle leave, it’s nice to see a loving and respectful sendoff for a band member parting on good terms. The next question on the minds of DEP fans is, “who will replace him?” Dillinger has had many lineup changes throughout its history, but they never let it slow them down. Whoever takes Tuttle’s place will be the 16th member to have been in the band. I can’t even imagine what that induction ceremony will be like…

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