Transit Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

To celebrate their past 5 years as a band, Boston pop-punkers Transit will be doing a special short tour for their fans. According to the band’s website, “we are doing five shows in which we play our newest record Listen & Forgive in its entirety, as well as our Stay Home EP. These shows will be in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.”

In addition, they will also be performing two very special shows on October 26th and 27th “at the TUMC in Tewksbury, MA- a venue we used to play all the time in our teenage years.” The first night they will perform their first 2 LPs This Will Not Define Us and Keep This To Yourself back to back, and the following night they will perform Stay Home and Listen & Forgive.

But that’s not all! For these shows they have also repressed limited batches of This Will Not Define Us, Stay Home, and Keep This To Yourself. You can view details and tour dates on the flier below.

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