Parents Get In Free At Warped Tour This Summer

posted in: Music News

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has devised a new marketing strategy for the world’s largest traveling festival that may add a significant boost to their overall ticket sales. This summer, parents taking their children to Warped Tour will be given a free ticket in exchange for helping their teens experience Warped.

Recognizing the value of happy parents is not exactly a new idea for Warped Tour. In year’s past the festival has hosted a ‘reverse daycare,’ which offers parents an escape from the chaos of festival grounds, as well as a number of other amenities. This latest move, however, is certainly the largest. By letting parents know they can not only watch over their children, but do so without paying extra money for something they themselves have little interest in, Warped Tour organizers are raising the likelihood parents will be willing to allow their teens to attend the traveling festival. It’s no longer about dropping your kids off at the gate and hoping for the best because now parents can enter without any cost to them and see the culture their child will be apart for the following twelve hours.

If you are interesting in participating in the free ticket program, simply escort your child to the tents outside the festival grounds marked for tickets and claim your pass.

Now that warped Tour has hopped on the free tickets for parents bandwagon, do you think other tours should follow? Comment below and let us know.