Taking Back Sunday Launch Record Label

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Emo icons Taking Back Sunday spent Tuesday, June 18, promoting the release of their new acoustic album, TAYF10. The release celebrate the band’s debut album with a completely stripped down live recording, which fans have reacted well to thus far, but its how the band released the album that brings us together today.

After more than a decade of living in label limbo, Taking Back Sunday have taken their future career into their own hands with the launch of Sorry Records. The label’s first and only scheduled release so far was TAYF10, but the new company could become the band’s avenue for releasing new material in the years ahead. You can read a message from the band celebrating the album’s release and commenting on the label’s launch below:

Greetings from the outer reaches of rural Michigan! We have been out here for nearly two weeks hard at work on our next record. Today we release an album near and dear to our hearts: TAYF10 Acoustic. We took a lot of time relearning/rearranging all the songs for the acoustic setting. We also funded this project entirely ourselves and formed our own record label (Sorry Records) to distribute the release. We could have crowd sourced this but frankly, that just isn’t our style. We feel very fortunate that we are in a position to put this project together. This is 100% our vision and we think it is downright fantastic! We hope you enjoy it!