2013 Intel Superstars Winner!

24243_OurStage_120x120_0002_WinnerThe 2013 Intel Superstars competition has concluded. After listening to and carefully evaluating the final Top 20, Intel and their panel of judges have selected as the grand prize winner Sara Lindsay, whose song, Make It All Right, was a clear favorite. The combination of her strong voice with the song’s unique and compelling melody and pristine production put Sara over the top of some really tough competition. Sara will take home $10,000, courtesy of Intel!

In fact, some of Sara’s competition was so good that we’d like to highlight some of our personal faves here, as well. Enjoy.

Annalise Emerick, This Love Won’t Break Your Heart
This was a standout hit here at OurStage HQ, both for the beauty of its melody and harmony, the simplicity of the production, and the timely New Year’s Eve lyrical sentiment.

Dawn and Hawkes
, Ten Leap Years
Another simple and mellow track highlighted by male-female harmonies, Ten Leap Years is an instant rootsy classic in the tradition of Parsons and Harris.

The Bolts, Wait ˜Til We’re Young
There were a lot of singer-songwriters in the competition this year, but here’s a rock band whose song stood out for its incredibly catchy intro hook and chorus. If only all modern rock were this much fun.

Brett Mitchell, You Could Be My Hat
No doubt the lyric is off-kilter, but it’s that unabashed quirkiness that makes this song so charming, not to mention Brett’s nice voice and a compelling melody.

Laura Ault, Gamblin’ On My Man
The #1 ranked song from the final voting round is a rolling bluesy/honky tonk number with hooks to spare. A very cool, almost spooky minor key vibe.