Aloud Looks Back At “Darkest Days”

a3462869853_10The dynamic rock and roll quartet known as Aloud recently revisited a somewhat mellower gem called “Darkest Days” from their back catalogue (yes, it’s fancy enough for a “ue”).  The song has been remixed by producer Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields) and re-released by the band in celebration not only of the anniversary of their 2010 album Exile, but also of this year’s landmark Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality. “Darkest Days” was originally composed by Aloud’s Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain as a message to the LGBTQ community whose rights were at the time under attack, most prominently in the battle over California’s Proposition 8.

“‘Darkest Days’ was written right around the time Prop 8 was upheld in California,” says Beguiristain, reflecting on the song’s genesis. “Jen and I were planning our wedding at the time, and thought it was madness that we could do this and our friends couldn’t, just because they happened to be gay.”