Yonas, ‘About Time’

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At long last, the newest LP from YONAS, About Time. We recently previewed the first single, “All Rise,” and the rest of the album (14 tracks, including a couple of short musical interludes) is similarly intense, in contrast with some of the Bronx MC’s lighter remixes and one-off singles. On About Time, Yonas returns to the darker vibe that marked his 2013 album The Transition, supremely confident, but starkly honest, with unvarnished thoughts on the ups and downs of success, mortality, fatherhood, and building a legacy, no matter what else the work yields. Toward the end of About Time, the inclusion of some of those previous singles (“You F#cked Up,” “King of the Summer,” “Wait a Minute”) lightens the load a bit with some universal pop appeal. As usual, the production is stellar and the album just sounds great. Listen to a few tracks below, and click here for the full length.

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