Kyle Bent, “Position”

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Boston-based artist Kyle Bent has a new single and video for “Position,” a self-reflexive ode to how far he’s come, creatively and commercially. He investigates what that signifies for the person he was and hopes to become, looking at the idea of success as defined by his community and peers, as he stands ready for the mainstream, having mastered his craft, or at least come very damn near it. Bent is clearly a gifted lyricist, but he takes pains to express the extent of the work he had to do to see that gift fully realized: “Thinking it was easy for me – instant like Alakazam / Initially people were never listening / Women would always snicker and critics were steady dissing me / But somewhere ‘long the lines between writing rhymes and discipline / I realized Bent could be bending-ish with his penmanship.”

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