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Featuring performances by The Well Reds, Austin Renfroe, Britni Elise, and Matt Bailie. Special guest performances by Hot Chelle Rae! Get more info and learn how to be included in future seasons here.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Behind the Scenes with The OurStage Panel Finalists: The Well Reds

We’re so close to the finale episode of The OurStage Panel we can almost hear it. Or that could just be the residual ear ringing from the ecstatic crowd at last week’s filming. Either way it’s almost here, and you’ll be able to watch performances from Hot Chelle Rae, Britni Elise, Austin Renfroe, Matt Bailie, and finally these guys: The Well Reds. If you recall, The Well Reads were the final act to be named a finalist by the panelists. We caught up with them prior to the filming to hear all about their hometown of Atlanta, performing at the New Music Seminar, and the dynamic of their live performance.

You can also vote The Well Reds as your Fan Favorite on Facebook, they’ll be up against the fan favorites from the three previous episodes, and the winner will walk away with $1,000. One fan who votes will also win a nifty pair of KOSS headphones. Make sure to follow @OurStage and @OurStagePanel for the latest updates on all things OurStage Panel. Be sure to watch the finale when it airs this Thursday!



Watch behind the scenes interviews with Matt Bailie, Britni Elise and Austin Renfroe here!

UTG: 50 Cent Drops 'The Big Ten' Mixtape

After weeks of teasers (and a flood of leaks), 50 Cent has finally blessed the internet with his latest mixtape, The Big Ten.

Actually featuring twelve tracks (because bonus tracks are necessary on an already free release),The Big Ten tops off a year 50 has spent reconquering the hip hop game. Each track we’ve heard so far slays, so click here and claim your copy!

We would be lying if we said 50 Cent has always been one of our favorite talents. His debut was stunning and Massacre was solid, but there was also a lot of hit or miss tracks for awhile as well. This tape finds him solidifying the idea he’s officially back and we couldn’t be more excited to see what he does next.

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UTG: Rest in Peace Dustin Hengst of Damone

Word came pouring in yesterday morning that Damone drummer Dustin Hengst has passed away.

Though no cause of death has been revealed, fans were made aware earlier yesterday when Damone vocalist Noelle Leblanc posted the following message on her Facebook:

Rest in peace, D-man. Your legacy lives on. Your works and talents put a stamp on this world and will continue making people happy til the end of time. I’m grateful for all you’ve done. I will love and miss you forever, you crazy mutant. ♥

Damone were active 2002-2008, released multiple albums, and even landed a deal with Island and RCA Records.

Words cannot express how much Hengst will be missed. The thoughts of the entire UTG and OurStage staff are with his family, friends, and fans of Damone worldwide. Watch the video below to enjoy a Damone classic in memory of Hengst.

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Thursday, Decemeber 8th, 2011