Behind the Scenes with The OurStage Panel Finalists: Matt Bailie

Last week our friends Hot Chelle Rae helped us celebrate the first season of The OurStage Panel in New York. But there’s still plenty of new video footage, photos and interviews to tide you over until the Finale officially airs, like this behind-the-scenes video interview with finalist Matt Bailie.

Watch below as Matt talks with OurStage about his relationship with the Van Zant brothers, winning the grand prize on OurStage twice and his vast range of influences. Be sure to follow The OurStage Panel on Twitter for updates and “Like” OurStage on Facebook to see exclusive photos from last week’s event featuring Hot Chelle Rae and other industry insiders, like Trey Morgan from Z100.


Presenting the Editor Picks of December

It’s getting a little colder, so we drummed up some new tunes for you to warm up to. Feel free to sit down next to the fire, download these songs for free, and enjoy them alongside a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate.

Katey Laurel – “Two Birds”

You’ll love this if you want: an even-lighter Kelly Clarkson

To The Sea – “Conquer The North”

You’ll love this if you want: something to give you a fighting spirit and need a tune to shout along with

Please Do Not Fight – “Silence My Skin”

You’ll love this if you want: a thinking man’s New Found Glory

The NowhereNauts – “Try to Light My Fuse”

You’ll love this if you want: a punchy indie rock group with catchy guitar riffs

The Lost Colors – “Say OK”

You’ll love this if you want: heavy-handed soulful pop punk with a touch of Paramore

The Nearly Deads – “Fact and Friction”

You’ll love this if you want: powerful female vocals coupled with heart-wrenching alt-rock

Gabriel the Marine – “On and On”

You’ll love this if you want: a Ra Ra Riot/pop punk love child

Roses and Pirates – “Finding Fires”

You’ll love this if you want: a charming folk sound that has a bit of a kick to it

Behind the Scenes with The OurStage Panel Finalists: Austin Renfroe

Last week we caught up with The OurStage Panel finalist Britni Elise, who was gearing up for the Finale with a strict work-out regimen. Britni will soon be going up against fellow finalists Austin Renfroe, The Well Reds and Matt Bailie to determine who will be named the Grand Prize Winner of The OurStage Panel.

This week we checked in with Austin, who was named a Fan Favorite in Episode 2, in Nashville via Skype.  He dished on inspirations, his unique voice and even threw down the gauntlet with his response to Warner/Chappell VP Lee Dannay‘s comment that if he’s a charismatic performer, it could take him a lot further:

“Lee, I’m coming for ya, I’m ready to prove myself as a dynamic performer just for you!”

See more of what Austin has to say below!


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Behind the Scenes with The OurStage Panel Finalists: Britni Elise

Over the last four weeks, sixteen OurStage artists have gone up against The OurStage Panel. Their songwriting, creativity, voices and all around talents have been discussed, compared and even voted on by the fans. Now four finalists have emerged victorious. In the upcoming finale, Austin Renfroe, Britni Elise, Matt Bailie and The Well Reds will face the panelists for a final time”one will be named the winner, walking away with some seriously awesome prizes, including $5,000.

But it sucks waiting, doesn’t it? That’s why we’re checking in with each finalist in the meantime to find out how they felt about their competition, the panelists’ feedback, and even give them a chance to thank all their rockin’ fans. We caught up with Britni to hear how she’s preparing for the finale and what it was like to hear the panelists call her song “Rock This” a smash.

“[Hearing that] was a bit overwhelming for me, because I’ve been writing for so long and working very hard, just to have it appreciated, its emotional and uplifting.”

See what else Britni has to say about her musical origins, her work at the Atlanta Artist Development Center, and writing her “smash” song “Rock This.”

The first round of Fan Favorite voting has also come to a close. Check out who won the heart’s of OurStage fans everywhere below and stay tuned to vote for the final Fan Favorite (the winner will score $1,000!) and you could win a shiny pair of KOSS headphones.

Friday, November 18, 2011

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