Jonas Brothers Confirm Breakup

After nearly a month of gossip and conflicting reports, The Jonas Brothers have decided their time as a group has come to an end.

Speaking exclusively to People Magazine, all three Jonas Brothers collectively broke their silence to announce their plans to part ways. The group says the decision came after Nick Jonas confronted his brothers Joe and Kevin about his concerns for their future musical endeavors.

“I was feeling kind of trapped,” he said. “I needed to share my heart with my brothers.”

The brothers listened to what their sibling had to say, discussed possible career moves amongst themselves, and ultimately decided the best play was to call it a day.

“It’s really hard to say ‘forever,'” Nick explained. “We’re closing a chapter, for sure.”

“It was a unanimous decision,” added Joe.

The Jonas Brothers burst onto the music scene in 2005 with the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock. Since then, the trio have recorded multiple platinum-selling albums, toured the world, and achieved pretty much every music-related goal one could hope to accomplish in between.

Surprisingly, the conversation with People did not mention the fate of the band’s long-awaited album, V. Singles have been released, but no release date for the full project was ever announced. Will the record now be shelved forever? We’ll keep our eye out for updates and let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

A Loss For Words Struggle With "Distance" On New Single

Boston pop-punk outfit A Loss For Words have earned a reputation for delivering anthemic songs that walk a fine line between pop and punk that no other band touring today can match. Still, for one reason or another, the group has yet to break through on a national level the way many great bands in their genre have in the past. “Distance” could be the single that changes that, and today the song’s official video found its way online.

Everyone knows that chasing dreams requires far more sacrifice than most are willing to admit, and in “Distance” the weight of those decisions has taken a toll on A Loss For Words. Having spent the better part of the last decade touring and recording, the band’s families have been forced to take a backseat, and now that they’ve grown older the members of the band are having a harder time coming to terms with the physical distance they’ve placed between themselves and loved ones. “Distances” addresses this pain head-on, with talk of regret and feeling alone while surrounded by smiling faces, then drives home a message of hope in the hook that fans and newcomers alike will instantly cling to. You can stream the song and see the video, which uses footage captured on world tours to mirror the message of the song, below.

If you’re looking for a new pop-punk album to fall in love with, I can think of no better autumn offering than Before It Caves, which is out now. Comment at the end of this post and let us know your thoughts on A Loss For Words’ new music video. (more…)

Lady Gaga Heads To Outer Space With "Venus"

The arrival of Lady Gaga‘s new album is growing closer by the day, and this morning another deep album cut, “Venus,” found it way online.

When “Applause” hit radio in August, fans feared Mother Monster had lost her edge. The song was no doubt catchy and theatrical, but it sounded far too similar to the material found on Born This Way to mark any creative progress. “Do What U Want” did a lot to right that wrong by offering a strong ’80s influence in a new context, and now “Venus” has arrived to ensure that yes, ARTPOP will indeed offer listeners another side of their beloved Lady Gaga.

After spending roughly a minute with an intro that essentially beckons listeners to take Gaga to their home planet, “Venus” builds into a pulsating club track about love in outer space. The music is undeniably modern, but the structure harkens back to the less-than-memorable moments of experimental ’70s disco pop. Whether or not that sits well with fans is anyone’s guess at this point, but it feels a bit too odd to score big at radio. Stream “Venus” below and let us know what you think of Gaga’s latest.

ARTPOP arrives in stores November 11. (more…)

Justin Bieber Releases "Recovery"

We do a lot to promote up and coming talent here on OurStage, but sometime we feel it’s also important to comment on the artists who are dominating radio waves worldwide. In that arena of entertainment, few names are more notable than the canadian crooner known as Justin Bieber, and this morning the twenty-year-old superstar released a brand new single for fans to enjoy.

Marking the fourth week of his #MusicMondays series, Bieber took to the Internet overnight to release a new single titled “Recovery.” The song continues Bieber’s recent streak of R&B-inspired songs with a minimal, bass-and-acoustic heavy track dealing with the tough topic of lovers torn asunder. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

It may not be a popular opinion, but I think Bieber is starting to revive an area of pop music has been on the downslide in recent years. He may not be the singer you thought would bring R&B back to radio, but if he’s willing to carry the torch and deliver songs that are swag-free, I say more power to him. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

We expect that Bieber will continue his #MusicMondays series next week with another brand new track. Follow OurStage on Twitter to ensure you never miss another headline. (more…)

Black Veil Brides Use Fan-Generated Media To Create "Unbroken" Lyric Video

Black Veil Brides are one of the few bands working today whose music has become a movement. Outcast and/or downtrodden tweens and teens flock to their rock-laden anthems of perseverance like moths to flame, and in their latest lyric video the band has used content submitted by their diehard fans to create their visuals.

October has been designated “Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.” To mark the occasion and bring light to the struggles experienced by countless people around the world, Black Veil Brides chose to release their song “Unbroken” as a promotional single.

“October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month,” reads a message from the band, “and to show our support to the ones negatively affected by bullying, we created the ‘Unbroken’ shirt. We compiled the photos we had [fans] send in of [them] wearing the shirts and turned it into the ‘Unbroken’ lyric video.”

You can view the video below.

The “Unbroken” clip is not the first time Black Veil Brides have gone out of their way to bring attention to the effects of bullying. In January, right around the time the band’s newest album hit stores, frontman Andy Biersack taped a two-minute public service announcement (PSA) for the Musicians Opposed To Bullying (M.O.B.) web site. The clip, in which the singer talks about self-injury or self harming ” when a person deliberately hurts themselves physically to deal with the emotional pain they are suffering ” can also be found at the end of this post.

Black Veil Brides toured for the majority of 2013 and by all accounts will do the same in 2014. If you like what you hear and want more music from the band, please be sure to pick up their album, Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild One. (more…)

Never Shout Never Announce 'Christmas' EP, Stream New Song

OS Members Never Shout Never have joined a long-running industry tradition and announced plans to release their own collection of holiday music just in time for reindeer to land on your roof.

Never Shout Never shared with fans their plans to release new EP, titled Christmas, on November 25 of this year. The album will be a collection of holiday songs, including at least one original song. That track, titled “Everything Is Cool,” can be streamed starting today, exclusively on Alternative Press.

So what do NSN bring to the holiday table? For starters, “Everything Is Cool” harkens back to the group’s early days of creating mainly acoustic songs built on easy-to-memorize lyricism. The “cool” in the title refers to the climate, and as the track plays on, frontman Christofer Drew recounts the many things that come to mind when thinking of the holiday season. It’s not likely to be a modern classic, but it’s certainly a refreshing new take on the spirit of the season.

Preorders for the Christmas EP have yet to be announced, but we expect at least a handful of purchase options will be unveiled in the weeks ahead. Follow OurStage on Twitter to ensure you never miss an update.