Single Spotlight: “We Could Rebuild It” By The American Indie

Finding a spot on our Top 40 in its first month of competition, “We Could Rebuild It” is the debut single by The American Indie. The Boston trio has been honing their sound over the past couple of years (going through a couple of name changes in the process), and are readying an EP for release as they begin to make waves with their live shows in the Northeast. Marked by heavily syncopated electronic rhythms, earnest lyrics, intertwined guitar lines, and atmospheric synths, “We Could Rebuild It” is a confident debut from a promising indie rock band.

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“Is You High?” By Audemar

Audemar, an artist seen recently on our Rap and Hip-hop chart as well as our Urban Best of the Best rankings, has dropped a new single, “Is You High?” Otherwise known as Omar Rihani, Audemar worked with producer Ditty Beatz and engineer Chris Ryan to create this mesmerizingly mellow jam. This is the first single following the release of Audemar’s collaborative EP with Gov.Name (aka “The Government“). Listen:

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“Supernatural” By The Love Elektrik

Nashville pop/funk band The Love Elektrik burst onto our charts just a few months ago, and have been featured on our radio show a couple of times already. They’ve now released their new single, “Supernatural,” a catchy, slow burner about which the band says, “We’re not 100% sure, but we think this song is about an encounter with a vampire stripper at an EDM festival. Listen and decide for yourself!” You know…that old chestnut. Listen below, and buy it here.


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Viv And The Revival: “Faded”

Philadelphia’s Viv and the Revival have been on our radar for a long time now, and their progression as artists has been incredibly impressive to see. Viv Peyrat was already crafting sophisticated pop songs when, in 2012, he earned the opportunity on OurStage to have his winning track “Fire” featured in a campaign for the London Olympics on NBC. Just a few days ago he released a new single called “Faded,” and it finds Viv at the top of his game. The song has a great groove, driving but atmospheric, punctuated with acoustic guitars, and all glued together by Viv’s smooth and soulful vocal. He closes the deal with a delicious hook and a great lyric. Listen below.

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Presenting Neon Void

We are shamefully late to the party on this one. We’ve just discovered that one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Jes Hudak, has formed a new group, Neon Void, along with rapper and singer Roan Smith (aka Know One). Hudak writes and produces (as “Ponymane“) in addition to singing and playing piano, while Smith contributes rhymes along with some excellent graphic design. Almost as impressive as the music is the fact that they collaborate from different cities; Hudak in Brooklyn and Smith in New Orleans. The duo’s single “Can’t Have You” was released back in December. While that means we’ve missed a couple of months of enjoying this, hopefully it also means we won’t have to wait too long before the next single drops.

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Tender Warrior: Lady Lamb’s New EP And Tour Dates

Lady Lamb is the the midst of a wide ranging tour in support of her new EP, Tender Warriors Club. At seven tracks, running 34 minutes, less prolific artists might call this a full length album and be done with it. As for Lady Lamb, the artist also known as Aly Spaltro seems content to give us all that she’s creating and thinking, however long or heavy it might be. Technically an EP, Tender Warriors Club feels more than anything like a snapshot of the individual, vulnerable and uncertain, at this moment in time. Intensely personal rather than overtly political, it is nonetheless a “manifesto,” as the artist writes on her website:


find the courage to be sensitive

 be emotionally vulnerable




be comfortable with & embrace solitude

never compromise their integrity


 be true

be kind

practice self-acceptance & self-love

give an honest effort


be present

be patient

be transparent

Lady Lamb’s current tour is hitting some smaller venues as well as living rooms across the country. See all of the tour dates with ticket links here. The EP is available now via Mom + Pop Records. Order vinyl here.

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