Needle In The Haystack Follow Up: Jesse Idol

This week we met veteran music maker, Jesse Idol who hopes to take the R&B world by storm.  Grab his free download and check out the MTV Music interview for some quick tidbits on the rising star.  We caught up with the singer to get his take on the industry and what’s next.  Keep an eye out for more next week!

Download of the Week: Jesse Idol

Former US Naval Officer Jesse Idol hopes to put a fresh new twist on contemporary R&B as this week’s Needle in the Haystack artist.  First performing at a young age in the Newark Boys Choir, Idol has performed throughout both the United States and the world”he once sang for Nelson Mandela. Idol is off to a great start on OurStage with two Top 10 finishes and two Number 1 slots in R&B.

This week, the upcoming R&B star will be giving away his track “Movie Night” for free.  Watch out for more from him over at MTVMusic and throughout the rest of the week! And catch him, if you can, on July 3rd when he performs at Giants Stadium for the RIX Magazine car show.

Needle in the Haystack Follow Up: Chantel Upshaw

As this  week comes to a close, we get one last push from our Needle in the Haystack artist Chantel Upshaw. Make sure to check out the Tweet & A and free download as well as MTV Music’s interview! Below you will find a quick follow up with the Chantel about the her past, present and bright future.

Download of the Week: Chantel Upshaw

While singer/songwriter Chantel Upshaw is making strides in the Canadian music scene, here on OurStage she is winning awards left and right ” 2 Top 10 placements, a Judging Excellence award and a spot on the “Best of” Charts.  As this week’s Needle in the Haystack artist, you can grab her track “Sandra Dee” for free.

For her first EP, Upshaw worked with producer Bill Bel (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, Tom Chochrane) and was featured as Virgin Radio’s “Best of BC.” Suffice to say, Upshaw has quite a few accomplishments under her belt”from opening for artists such as LIGHTS and Alex Cuba to being selected to appear on stage producer Tom Jackson’s Web site.  Keep an eye out for more from this singer as she continues down the road to stardom.

Needle in the Haystack Follow Up: Fast Forward Romance

Wrapping up this week’s Needle in the Haystack feature, we have a follow up video with Fast Forward Romance. The band has been highlighted as our Download of the Week and on MTV Music as well!

Check back for more from Needle in the Haystack next week!

Download of the Week: Fast Forward Romance

Four years ago, the musical affair between rocker Kyle Archer and Natalie Distler began in a NYC elevator. The duo soon began to write and record tracks together and the rest, they say, is history. Skipping ahead to today, the pair”better known as Fast Forward Romance” is this week’s Needle in the Haystack pick.  The band has recently been highlighted on BMI’s Indie Spotlight and has been trying to earn a spot on the Warped Tour’s Carson California stop. Currently, the band is working with GRAMMY-nominated producer Ron Aniello who has collaborated with many major hit-makers including Lifehouse, Guster and Matt Nathanson. For all you FX fans, you may recognize Distler as Denis Leary’s daughter for the last 6 seasons on the hit show Rescue Me (watch for her in the new season which premiers on June 29th).

Download the duo’s free track Dirty Laundry” and just push play. Keep an eye out for more from Fast Forward Romance in the coming days.