Metal Monday: Tetrarch Hunters Of Success

For someone who likes metal, is there anything more satisfying than listening to a band that can only be classified as “pure metal” and nothing more? The answer is no, not really. Luckily, Atlanta-based OurStage metallers Tetrarch are ready meet our expectations. What makes them so metal, you ask? Thrashing riffs, huge vocal hooks, ripping solos, aggressive attitudesthe works. Tetrarch have been ripping it up in the Metal Channel since fall of 2011, with a couple Top 100 and three Top 40 three finishes.In today’s metal world, the number of bands who can pull off a radio-friendly but still purely metal sound are few and far between. With the musical sensibilty of Trivium and the vocal stylings of Bullet For My Valentine, Tetrarch strikes a balance between hyper aggressive thrash riffs and sensible, accessible songwriting. For metal fans, the band seems to have found the perfect format to put ultra catchy vocal hooks in metal songs without forsaking their entirely metal sound.

Whether or not Tetrarch actually are the future of metal is yet to be determined, but in their rather young history they’re poised in a great place to make some serious moves to be a major player in the metal world in the coming years. I’ve caught wind of a few things they have in the works, some of which are still a secretbut they’re big plans nonetheless. One bit of news that I can share is that they’re entering Audiohammer Studios in Florida to record some fresh new hits for us all to enjoy. If you don’t know about Audiohammer Studios just from their name, they’re responsible for the latest Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red and Unearth records (aka they’re not slouches).

Make sure you’re keeping up with the rest of the Tetrarch news down the road as they’re surely going to be doing big things. While they probably won’t dominate the entire world, it sure seems like they’re going to try. To hold you over until you get more tasty Tetrarch tunes, enjoy some cuts from their most recent EP below: