“Son Of The Dharma” By Aloud

LA’s Aloud have dropped a killer rave-up in the form of their new A-side, “Son Of The Dharma.” The song, lyrically inspired by mixed feelings about Jack Kerouac, is a neo-soul blast of guitar and Hammond organ, fronted with Jen de la Osa‘s rich voice. The amped-up Stax and Motown vibe is in keeping with Aloud’s recent singles, including “Falling Out Of Love” and their take on the Rolling Stones‘ “Dead Flowers.” But look only to the new B-side, “Last Of The Evergreens,” to understand the depth of the band’s material. The track, sung this time by Henry Beguiristain, is sparsely arranged, but carefully crafted - more Marshall Crenshaw than Otis Redding. Together, the tracks offer something less and less common from new artists, which is a creative and cohesive sensibility untethered to a single defining sound. Listen to both tracks below.

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