'American Idol' Is Nothing Like Coca-Cola

american idolBillboard today has a piece regarding the highs and (more recently) lows of American Idol and the show’s upcoming season. It rather sadly exposes the whole production as a microcosm of the floundering, old-school end of the music industry. The players are scrambling behind the scenes to figure out why ratings plummeted in later seasons, changes are being made, and the faces of the show are desperately trying to make us remember Idol‘s former glory as a ratings bonanza and a legitimate factor in the music industry. Harry Connick Jr., a former mentor and now judge on the show (along with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban), says:

Remember when they came out with new Coke and everybody was upset by it? It couldn’t have teed up the return of Coke Classic any better. When Coke Classic came out, it exploded even bigger than it was before because it created this void and people missed it. And I think that’s what this year can potentially do for this brand. People sort of missed their classic ‘American Idol.’ And it’s back.

Yeesh. New executive producer Per Blankens, who had great success running the Swedish version of the show, similarly stresses a “back to basics” formula. We think that this is the best show there is — the original that’s inspired others,” he says, “so it’s not that viewers necessarily want that big gimmicky change in order to come back to the TV couches. They want to see the show they’ve grown to love.

10 Former 'American Idol' Contestants Sue Reality Show

American Idol, Fox’s TV talent show juggernaut, has become embroiled in one of the largest television-related lawsuits in recent memory. Ten former American Idol contestants from a variety of seasons are suing the hit show over claims they were unfairly booted from the show based on their race. They are each seeking $25 million in damages.

According to TMZ, the contestants have accused producers of conducting a “cruel and inhumane” scheme to exploit them for ratings by illegally digging through their personal backgrounds for material they could use to boost ratings on national tv.

The contestants participating in the lawsuit are Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Jacob John Smalley (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8), and Chris Golightly (Season 9).

Randy Jackson Is Leaving ‘American Idol’

After twelve seasons of boosting the hopes and dreams of aspiring singer while simultaneously making ‘Yo dawg’ a catchphrase once more, Randy Jackson has announced he will be leaving American Idol at the end of its current season.

In a letter to fans and viewers of the show, Jackson wrote Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to rest, after twelve years of judging on American Idol I have decided to leave after this season. I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It’s been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures”

Jackson isn’t the only one on the way out. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Mariah Carey will step down as well (and be replaced with Jennifer Lopez). We’ll update you as more information becomes available.

Bronze Radio Return: Pro Artist Of The Week

If only American Idol would take a cue from their own background music¦ Recent seasons of the hit game show and now cultural institution have THRICE featured our friends Bronze Radio Return, most recently on last week’s episode. The band have been a song placement machine lately, providing the soundtrack for a recent PGA ad on ESPN, in addition to spots for Nissan, on HBO, and on several prime-time network shows.

But their broadcast near-ubiquity is not the reason we love them so. It is of course because of the music “ a positively ideal blend of classic roots music and modern rock. The key to making this formula work, as Bronze Radio Return does, is authenticity. Their sound and songs possess the burned-in feel of music unburdened by time. As individual musicians and as a functioning unit, they are apparent naturals. All reasons why we have selected them as this week’s OurStage Pro Artist of the Week.

We’ve been fans of the band for a long time, and are lucky to have caught them live several times, including a performance at last year’s South by Southwest festival. And we’ll be there when they rock the Rock Boat cruise at the end of this month. The band expects to release their new LP sometime this year, but meanwhile they have a new single called Further On, available on iTunes. See the video for their song “Shake, Shake, Shake” after the jump, and click here to listen to some more Bronze Radio Return on OurStage.


L.A. Reid Leaving 'The X Factor'

Just as The X Factor‘s second season is coming to a close, Chairman and CEO of Epic Records, L.A. Reid has chosen to step down from his spot in the judge’s chair.

Although his presence resulted in multiple contestant signings to Epic Records, Reid says of his departure, “I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected.” Reid continued, “I have a huge responsibility to a roster of artists, and it’s kind of time for me to stop doing ‘the me’ show and get back to doing ‘the them’ show.”

Among Reid’s upcoming Epic Records projects will be Ciara‘s next album and Avril Lavigne‘s latest album.

If you like Ciara, check out OurStage artist Jasmyn Howard.

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I’m gonna knock you out…. I told you I’m not f**kin’ putting up with her f**kin’ highness over there!

It’s not exactly prose worthy of Bob Dylan, or even Eminem, her sometime partner in rhyme, but with those fighting words, rapper Nicki Minaj recently helped make American Idol hot for the first time in years. She hurled them directly at Mariah Carey on October 2 in Charlotte, N.C., during the audition rounds for season 12 of Idol, which kicks off in January of 2013. (more…)

PSY’s K-Pop Invasion: The Continued Decline of Western Pop Courtesy of the East

As if A-Pop wasn’t bad enough already. Just when one might have thought that American pop, with all its auto-tuned voices and fake plastic beats, couldn’t possibly make the eyes and ears bleed more, it’s about to get worse. Nicki Minaj is set to bombard us with more of her overexposure via a series of reality specials on E!, her new gig as a 12th-season American Idol judge, and, of course, more music, while Britney Spears, of all vocally challenged singers, is already sitting in judgment of wannabe A-Pop idols on The X Factor.

And last but not least scary, Ke$ha’s back, and going by the early success of Die Young, the first single from her upcoming sophomore album Warrior (out November 30), she’s here to stay”at least for the time being. (more…)

Stevie Nicks Apologizes To Nicki Minaj For Strangling Comment

There’s not a lot you can do to take back saying you want to murder someone, but Stevie Nicks is sure going to try.

After the entire Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey debacle a week ago, Nicks was quoted as saying that if she had been in Carey’s shoes she would have, walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there. Nicks went on to say, “I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”

It’s hard to back peddle out of that kind of threat, but after an immediate backlash, Nicks did her best by issuing an official apology. You can read her apology after the jump. (more…)

Kelly Clarkson Releases New Single “Catch My Breath”

There’s a lot to be said about music industry role models now a days. But one artist that’s managed to keep her head above water and prove stronger by the day is none other than American Idol sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson.

Winding down her international Stronger tour, Clarkson is back with a brand new single called Catch My Breath, off her upcoming release Greatest Hits – Chapter 1. The song is true Kelly Clarkson style all the way, with strong vocals, catchy beats, and as always, empowering messages.

To celebrate the strength and longevity that my fans, friends, and family have supported me with I wrote this song ˜Catch my Breath’ with one of my best friends that has seen me through everything, Clarkson shared with fans on her website. This song represents who I’ve been, what I’ve felt, and where I’m headed as not only an artist but as a 30 year old that is now smart enough to know that it’s time to stop, catch my breath, and be proud of not only what has been accomplished but of all the people that have helped me become the woman I am today.

Listen to Catch My Breath right here and keep an eye out for Greatest Hits-Chapter 1, which drops Nov. 19.


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