Royal Chant, “Power Pose”

Our favorite Australian rock and rollers (well, just this side of You Am I, that is), Royal Chant are back with a new album and a new video. The album, Pride & Poverty, won’t be here until Friday, but we’ve got a great DIY clip for the opener, “Power Pose.” Hard hitting drums (despite what you might see in the video), thick and crunchy guitars, and a killer melody typical of Royal Chant make this a promising lead for the LP. BONUS: A second clip, below, for the delightfully Guided By Voices-y “Cargo Cults.” Enjoy:

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Watch The National's Full Set At The Sydney Opera House

The-National-Press-PhotoThe National have been promoting their latest release, Trouble Will Find Me pretty hard since its release, and while on a run of dates in Australia, the band stopped by the Sydney Opera House to play a 26-song setlist that included their hits “Demons” and “Sea Of Love,” along with an impressive five song encore. You can check out the full set below, and catch the band on their North American tour this spring, with stops at Austin City Limits, Shaky Knees Festival, NorthSide Festival. (more…)

WATCH: Arcade Fire Unplugged At Triple J

arcade-fireThere’s something truly beautiful and intriguing about unplugged performances. They’re raw, real, and they offer a new look at bands we’ve already become captivated with. Performing for Triple J in Australia, Arcade Fire put together stripped down versions of “Normal Person” and “Joan Of Arc” off Reflektor, and “My Body Is A Cage” off Neon Bible. Dare I say these versions are just as good if not better than the album versions we’re accustomed to? Check it out for yourself below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.  (more…)

Black Sabbath Debut "Methademic" In Australia

It was only a week ago that Black Sabbath released the studio version of “God Is Dead?,” and already more new material has found its way online.

While performing in Melbourne, Australia recently, the men of Black Sabbath debuted a new song entitled, “Methademic.” The song is in a similar vein to “God Is Dead?,” with brooding metal pairing with Ozzy‘s atmospheric drone. The quality of the fan recorded footage is not top shelf, but the audio is good enough for sampling. Click below to view the performance.

13 arrives in stores June 11. (more…)

Tonight Alive Release "Breakdown" Music Video (ft. Benji Madden of Good Charlotte)

Australia’s Tonight Alive have been making waves in the alternative scene for the better part of two years. Their fame hit a new peak last Summer when the band appeared on Warped Tour for the first time, and it seems they’re destined for even bigger and better things when they return to the tour in June. For now the band keeps us excited about the future with the release of the official video for their latest single, “Breakdown.”

Breaking out in pop rock is hard to do, and it may be even harder than usual with a female lead singer. Every band gets compared to others, and when it comes to female fronted acts it seems they all can only be compared by most to Paramore. The result of this monopoly of notable alternative female lead bands seems to give people a predisposition to write new groups off as copycats. Tonight Alive are not that kind of band. “Breakdown” features a sound all their own, with a hook far bigger than anything you heard on the last Paramore release. Hear for yourself, after the jump.

Don’t forget, the band kick off their first nationwide tour of 2013 later this week. All dates and ticket information can be found here. If you plan to go, comment below and let us know! (more…)

Exclusive Q and A: Gold Fields Talk Buzz, Buds, and 'Black Sun'

Australia’s Gold Fields are in for quite a year. After being named one of 2013’s bands to watch by MTV alongside up-and-coming heavyweights like Macklemore, the band is ready to take their insanely catchy blend of synthpop and indie rock to the international masses. They’ve already toured the states with the likes of St. Lucia and Diamond Rings, and are gearing up for another US jaunt this February. We caught up with frontman Mark Fuller to chat about the triple recording of the band’s upcoming album Black Sun, their remix process, and the effect of their massive burgeoning buzz.

OS: You guys just wrapped up a US tour with St. Lucia a little while ago. What was that like?

Mark Fuller: It was awesome. We were already fans of St. Lucia before we heard we were doing the tour and how it actually happened was that they asked us to support them. It was a pretty short tour, I think it only was six or eight shows, but getting to watch them every night was awesome. And when you tour with great bands like that you learn a lot, especially from their live shows; theirs is very tight, and they’re almost perfect live. Even though they’re a young band like us, they’ve got their live thing down pat. Touring with a band like that lets you learn a lot, but at the same time it’s fun because we love their music. The shows themselves were in front of crowds that reminded us of crowds that we play in front of back home, and they were probably bigger. The show in New York was amazing. It was to a packed ballroom; Bowery Ballroom maybe? It was just packed and awesome. One of our favorite shows.

OS: You’ve been named a band to watch in 2013 by multiple big sources: MTV, MySpace, and more.  What’s your relationship like with that buzz?  Do you try to ignore it?  Embrace it?

MF: We don’t really feel it at all. I know that reading stuff like that “ like MTV coming out and calling us a band to watch for the year “ is really weird for us, because MTV to us is like this massive American thing. It seems almost like it’s not real for something like that to happen, for them to talk about our band. Obviously we’re thankful that they’ve done that, and we feel very lucky that they’ve come across us and are thankful they’ve included us. At the same time, anything like that isn’t going to change what we’re doing. Since we’ve started, we’ve always tried to do what’s best for us and make sure we’re having fun and get other people to enjoy it as well. Any sort of things like that “ the buzz “ you have to take it in your stride, but it doesn’t change anything really. We’re still doing exactly what we were going to do all along.