Converse Launch Black Sabbath Chuck Taylors

blacksabbath2013I’m never sure if I love or hate the idea of bands getting in on the shoe market. But when it’s a band like Black Sabbath, how can you not be a little curious?  Featuring cover art from the band’s albums Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Vol. 4, and Never Say Die!, as well as logos and photos, a new line of Black Sabbath Chucks will be issued by Converse. Shoes will run between $60 to $70, and feature various imagery in the liners, depending on the edition. Check out a teaser of the new shoes below. (more…)

Black Sabbath Stream '13'

The wait is over, metalheads. Black Sabbath have officially returned.

Today, June 4, marks the release of Black Sabbath’s long-awaited comeback album 13. The release has been in the works since 2012, and though not every fan is on board with the return, it seems those able to hear the album early cannot stop praising the group’s continued dominance of all things heavy. iTunes is hosting the full premiere of the album, so those left on the fence can click here and stream the entire effort in advance of making a single purchase.

Do you think the return of Black Sabbath will return the band to their rightful place atop the charts? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Ozzy Discusses Bill Ward's Departure From Black Sabbath

There are critics who claim Black Sabbath is not Black Sabbath without the presence of Bill Ward. I don’t know if I agree, but I also admit to never being a big enough fan to make such a distinction. Either way, his exit from the group earlier this year has lead many to wonder just what they should expect from the group’s forthcoming album and just what it is that lead to the split. Now, just weeks before 13 is scheduled to hit shelves, frontman Ozzy Osbourne has opened up about Ward’s exit in a new interview.

Osbourne recently spoke to U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine and addressed Bill Ward’s absence. Speaking on the group’s decision to move forward, the metal icon offered “It would have been great to have Bill ” all of us said that, but you can’t expect someone of Bill’s age to be as agile as he used to be. He’s had heart attacks. If he’d turned up and played like he used to, or nearly as well, maybe we’d have worked something out¦ But we decided that if we were ever going to do this fucking album, you’ve got to be on the case. It got to the point where we said, ˜Are we just going to sit and wait for him to get off his fucking arse or what?’ We had to decide ” we couldn’t just keep the fans waiting any fucking longer.

13 will be arriving in stores, sans the presence of Bill Ward, on June 11. Black Sabbath will hit the road shortly thereafter to tour in support of the album. Dates can be found on the group’s official website.

Black Sabbath Debut "Methademic" In Australia

It was only a week ago that Black Sabbath released the studio version of “God Is Dead?,” and already more new material has found its way online.

While performing in Melbourne, Australia recently, the men of Black Sabbath debuted a new song entitled, “Methademic.” The song is in a similar vein to “God Is Dead?,” with brooding metal pairing with Ozzy‘s atmospheric drone. The quality of the fan recorded footage is not top shelf, but the audio is good enough for sampling. Click below to view the performance.

13 arrives in stores June 11. (more…)

Black Sabbath Prove They Have More To Offer With "God Is Dead?"

Making a career out of playing musc is nearly impossible, and even if you do somehow manage to pull it off there are absolutely no guarantees that it will last. In many cases it’s almost impossible to know why some acts last longer than others, while other times there are bands whose music plays in such an indescribable way that you simply know they will be around as long (if not longer) than you. Black Sabbath fall into the latter category, and anyone doubting that need look no further than their new single.

Rumors swirled for months in 2012 that Black Sabbath would return, but metalheads the world over refused to believe it until the group themselves stood on stage and proclaimed reunion. That happened, and now we have a new album fast approaching. The lead single, “God Is Dead?,” found its way online over the weekend and ushered in the most brooding age of Black Sabbath to date. The song is a slow, trudging track with Ozzy waxing poetically about life and death against minimalistic accompaniment aside from a guitar melody that will engrain itself into your subconscious in no time. It never builds to full-on rock anthem, but it does pulsate with life throughout hitting its peak during an all-too-short bridge. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Sitting down to write about Black Sabbath is the kind of thing that turns my hair gray. (more…)

Riffs, Rants & Rumors: Celebrate the Weed Laws with Rock's Top 10 Stoners

Sure, there was some kind of election or something last week”at least we think that’s what we heard coming out of the mouths of the TV pundits. Honestly, we kind of stopped paying attention after a while, at least until the news broke about a truly earth-shattering political breakthrough. While the rest of the world was focused on whichever one of those guys with the suits and ties walked away with the prize, we were captivated by a revolutionary piece of legislation that proved to be election night’s biggest surprise: the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Washington and Colorado. While this monumental move has been the dream of stoners all over America for decades, it must be assumed that the passing of what we like to call The Bong Bill will be most widely celebrated in the realm of rock ‘n’ roll. To commemorate the dawning of a new era for uncontrolled substances, let’s look back at some of rock’s most notorious stoners, who are sure to be holding their lighters aloft in honor of these epochal developments.

Black Sabbath

Just for starters, one of their earliest albums introduced the much-covered metal marijuana anthem Sweet Leaf. But beyond that musical love letter to THC, Ozzy Osbourne is one of rock’s most titanic tokers, to the point that he ultimately changed his stance on legalization in recognition of the damage drugs had done to his neurological system. Granted, we’re talking about a lot more than merely pot in Ozzy’s case, but nevertheless, Sabbath are still stoner-rock (more…)