Yonas’ #SummerMonDaze Continues

We already got into the great single and video for “You F#cked Up,” the first in the #SummerMonDaze series of single releases by the one and only Yonas. Since then, the New York artist has released two more, “Wait A Minute,” and most recently, “King Of The Summer.” They’re both killer tracks, unique in their own ways, but “King Of The Summer” is simply a masterful pop gem, a classic longing love song with a perfect hook. We’ll update this post as more tracks come.

“Roll One Up” With Yonas
Kyle Bent’s “Divine” (Feat. Mick Jenkins)
JugState’s “Ambition”

Carlos Ferragamo Debuts “Round One” Video, New EP

carlosferragamojabsStraight to the point, short and sweet, it’s the newest official video by Bronx, NY rapper Carlos Ferragamo. “Round One“, directed by Curtis Harper (Ferragamo’s “5 to 8 video), has a classic in-studio setup, with Ferragamo in front of the mic, but it’s cut with flashes of him spitting straight to the producer in the control room, and later direct to camera. In about two and a half minutes, it’s all over. But of course, this is just round one, and it happens to be the first track on a new 7-song EP called Jabs.

Over the last few years, Ferragamo has racked up an impressive 27 Top 10 OurStage placements, 47 Top 40 placements, two #1’s, and multiple appearances on our Best of the Best charts. No doubt there are more to come, based on this new release.

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MaG: OurStage Pro Artist Of The Week

Our first Pro Artist of the Week for 2013 is MaG, who hails from hip-hop’s ground zero, Bronx NY. MaG is a leading light in a unique wave of hip-hop that seems to synthesize all the best of soulful music from the 1970s to the present. The sound of his tracks is golden and timeless, embracing melodicism and creating a rolling vibe upon which his lyrical flow rides. There’s a subtle tension between the music and the voice that pushes and pulls the listener “ it’s not jarring, but it satisfies a basic need for drama in music. Not surprising then to learn that MaG himself comes from a background in theater. His mastery of that delicate balance between mellow and urgent is apparent on first listen.

Kamaleon Wins The El Headliner Grand Prize In May

Every month, Latin music fans nationwide converge on the OurStage “Tr3s Latin Music Channel” to discover a fresh face in Latin music. In May, Tr3s asked Pitbull protégé Sensato to weigh in and help choose the next El Headliner Grand Prize winner. Who took home the title? None other than Bronx native Kamaleon. His Caribbean-inspired blend of Latin pop on “Guiribuba (regresa)” is just what the judges needed. Check out more from Kamaleon on his OurStage profile or in the playlist below!

El Headliner Winners GirlzTalk Featured On Tr3s

Bronx duo GirlzTalk is staking a claim for the ladies in the male-dominated bachata scene. They won the Grand Prize last month in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel on OurStage with their song Loraras, securing the coveted June El Headliner crown. Along with the crown, the ladies also scored a promotional package on Tr3s and Tr3s.com including features on Lo Que Te PicaMusic My GüeyFree Latin Music and Blogamole. Check out their interview from blogamole.tr3s.com and Lo Que Te Pica video feature below and head to Tr3s.com for their Music My Güey playlist and Free Latin Music download. If you’re a Latin artist who wants a shot at winning this awesome prize, enter the Tr3s Latin Music Channel in August!

Exclusiva: GIRLZTALK Speaks Out About Winning ‘El Headliner’ Contest

It’s hard to argue with the fans who chose Tr3s’ “El Headliner” winners. After receiving a ton of digital love in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel on our OurStage, bachata queens GIRLZTALK clinched the top prize. Now the dynamic duo of Judy Santos and Marlyn Jimenez have opened up to Blogamole with an exclusive interview about their big win.

“It’s been amazing,” Judy said. “It’s like a dream come true.”

Marlyn heartily agreed with the sentiment, describing what it was like when they found out that they had nabbed first place.

“We were both at our day jobs,” she explained. “We got a conference call from our manager and that’s how we got the news that we won!”

But don’t think that GIRLZTALK just arrived out of nowhere. These hard-working Latinas have paid quite a bit of musical dues. Prior to joining forces in 2008, both Marlyn and Judy had pretty impressive solo careers. Jimenez fronted a band called Grupo NV (which did a killer Spanish cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”) and Santos sang on tracks with Aventura. But according to Marlyn, it was the GIRLZTALK formation that really got the ball rolling.

“Judy has her R & B style,” Jimenez explained. “I kind of have that pop and Broadway kind of feel. We mesh well.”

And one other thing the ladies have been able to capitalize on is the “girl power” vibe present in their songs. GIRLZTALK lyrics offer a very different perspective to the bachata sound and, as Marlyn and Judy can attest, it’s worked out quite well.

“When we perform live, lots of people sing along with our songs, especially the females,” Santos said. “‘Llorarás’ is basically a song for them because it’s telling the man he’s going to cry for hurting us.”

Jimenez expanded on GIRLZTALK’s female fan base, offering insight into their overall musical goals.

“The bachata genre is so male dominated. Us women don’t really have a voice. I think we have the opportunity to say exactly what we feel and that’s what makes GIRLZTALK so special. We are able to portray exactly how we feel and women are able to relate to that as well.”

And for all of you existing GIRLZTALK fanatics, we did get some interesting tidbits about their upcoming album.

“The record has a little bit of everything,” Marlyn explained. “There’s heartbreaks, there’s happiness, it’s like everything we’ve experienced in our careers.”

You can expect the full GIRLZTALK LP to arrive before the end of the year.

By Michael Lopez

Lo Que Te Pica

Hip Hop Habit: Yonas

Let’s start by clearing up some confusion. Some of you OurStage faithful may have noticed resemblance between ubiquitous rapper Cause and lesser known Yonas. This is because they are the same person. According to Yonas, I’ll always be ˜CAUSE’ to the world but I felt it was time to make a personal transition as I’ve grown a lot in the past 2 years and feel as tho [sic] it’s time for me to be, well, me. Don’t worry fans, the Bronx Banga himself hasn’t disappeared, he’s just changed his name! So, without further ado, I introduce to you Yonas. (more…)