Song For David Bowie

bowieThere was not much we could think to add to the conversation when David Bowie passed away on January 10th, so, like many others, we took comfort in the man’s rich catalogue of amazing music. But we want to share this new “Song for David Bowie” by Kat Robichaud, who speaks for hundreds of thousands who, over the years, have reconciled their own sense of un-belonging, of being different, with the help and comfort of the world’s greatest oddball, David Bowie.

Appropriately, this was recorded at Robichaud’s own “Misfit Cabaret” series, which will come to full fruition on March 11-12 at The Great Star Theater in San Francisco. Click here for more info.

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David Bowie 1947-2016

BRIT Awards 2014 Winners List

BRIT awardsThe 2014 BRIT Awards took place last night at London’s 02 Arena, and in addition to hosting performances by Katy Perry, Arctic Monkeys, Lorde and Disclosure, the ceremony also gave awards to some of the year’s most popular performers including, David BowieEllie Goulding, Bastille, One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, and yes, even Lorde. Check out the full list of winners below, and let us know who would have had your vote in the comments. (more…)

David Bowie Reissuing "Rebel Rebel" For 40th Anniversary

BowieCan you believe it’s been 40 years since David Bowie‘s “Rebel Rebel” and it’s still making the rounds on radio stations and personal playlists around the world? To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Parlophone Records will reissue the single on March 11 as a limited edition 7″ picture disc. The A-Side will hold the original mix, which has never been released on CD, and the AA-side will feature a remix of the track, previously released in North America in 1974.


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BRIT Awards Nominees: David Bowie, Bastille, Ellie Goulding

BRIT awards‘Tis the season for awards shows! Following the recent announcement of the Grammy Awards nominees, comes the BRIT Awards nominations. Artists up for multiple awards this year include the Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Ellie Goulding, and newcomers Bastille, who are nominated in four categories, including best British Breakthrough Act, and Album of the Year. The awards will take place at 8pm GMT at London’s 02 Arena, and feature performances by Arctic Monkeys, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars. You can view the full list of nominees below. (more…)

Morrissey Working On New Novel & Album

Morrissey123It looks like Morrissey has caught a bit of the ol’ writing bug. After releasing his autobiography last year, Morrissey is already hard at work on his first novel, and getting ready to record a new album. In many ways, he says, writing is more satisfying than the  music industry.

“It’s all, now, solely a question of marketing,” Morrissey answered in a Q&A with True To You earlier this month, “All success stories are safe and dreary, and you will never be taken by surprise by a hit song that sounds out of place. This is not just my view but the view of everyone I know.”

When asked about the new album, Morrissey noted that he’s already named one track after his favorite city, Istanbul. He even hinted at a David Bowie collaboration that sadly, may never be.

“A producer (Tony Visconti), who is a very close friend of David Bowie, tried to get both Bowie and I together to do our version of ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’,’ with David doing the deep Bill Medley parts, and me doing the Bobby Hatfield shrieks,” he said. “I loved this idea, but David wouldn’t budge. I know I’ve criticized David in the past, but it’s all been snot-nosed junior high ribbing on my part. I think he knows that.”

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What Do Sky Ferreira and Chumbawamba Have in Common? Nudity, Of Course.

Sky Ferreira‘s debut full-length Night Time, My Time garnered a lot of attention when it debuted this October, but not all of it was due to her catchy electropop tunes. Instead, some found fault with the album’s artwork, which features a damp Ferreira looking bored and a little grouchy in the shower. Oh, and also, her boobs are out.

In a conversation with MTV News earlier this week, the songstress addressed some of the criticism she received for deciding to appear naked in the album’s cover art.

“I wasn’t like, ‘OK, I’m going to be nude on my album cover,’ it just kind of happened,” Ferreira said to MTV News. “It wasn’t to sell records, because you don’t sell records by being nude and looking crazy.”

And, of course, Ferreira isn’t the first artist to feature nudity in her album artwork. Here are four other albums on which the artists, like this pop songstress, don’t find naked imagery to be that big of a deal.

Jane’s AddictionNothing’s Shocking

Many casual fans are familiar with this Jane’s Addiction record thanks to the poppy and inoffensive “Jane Says,” which is still played ad nauseam, day after day, on every single alternative rock station nationwide, but the album actually was pretty shocking when it debuted in 1988. With chants of “Sex! Is! Violent!” and a sample of an interview with serial killer Ted Bundy, Nothing’s Shocking created quite a stir. Of course, no one should have been surprised after seeing the album art: a pair of conjoined twins sitting completely naked in a rocking chair, hair ablaze.


The Editorialist: 5 Halloween Songs To Spook And Surprise You

There’s a lot to love about Halloween. Whether you’re five years old and gathering candy from the neighbors, or 25 years old and hanging out at a basement show… eating candy from the punch table… that holiday spirit never quite fades. So for the young at heart, we’ve put together a list of five must-hear Halloween anthems. Don’t expect to find your run of the mill tracks here. OurStage is all about bringing those lesser-known tracks to the front of your iPod, and that’s exactly what we plan to do right… now.


Type O Negative: Black No. 1

Type O Negative may not be for everyone, but whenever the leaves begin to turn and that autumn chill creeps into the air, this is the first song that pops into my head, and one of the only ones I want to blast on repeat while driving around at night. Between its sharp imagery and foreboding vocals, there’s just no song, or band, to really spice up the Halloween season like Type O Negative.


David Bowie Debuts "The Next Day" Video

Music icon David Bowie has released the official video for his latest single, “The Next Day.”

Originally removed from YouTube based on a ‘misunderstanding,’ the latest visuals from Bowie are as cinematic as you have come to expect from the man who gave us Ziggy Stardust. Bowie is seen as a quasi-christ in the clip, with Gary Oldman as a priest and Marion Cotillard as a troubled girl with holy hands. We’ll let Bowie tell you the story himself, but don’t be surprised if some people start crying foul in the days ahead. You can view the video below.

David Bowie has never been one to apologize for expressing himself, so any angst one feels after viewing this video might as well be forgotten. Bowie is about art, and this is easily the most artistic thing we’ve seen in the last month. Comment and let us know if you agree. (more…)

The Deloreans: OurStage Artist Of The Week

Our latest Artist of the Week is The Delorians. We were captivated by this band the moment we discovered their track Attacked By A Panther, a track really unlike anything else we’ve heard on OurStage.

The band, out of Louisville, Kentucky, cites a wide range of influences, including but not limited to ˜classical’ music. It’s not a surprise to see a number of ˜60s acts, from The Kinks to The Crystals, on their list. Don’t think that this is another throwback pop act, though. Their sound is indeed retro, but difficult to pin on a certain era. It’s romantic, spooky, grand, but simultaneously fuzzy and somewhat lo-fi. Yet it’s not garage rock. There are sweeping elements from the pre-rock and roll era of pop, filtered through the ˜60s and into ˜70s glam. In fact, some of their songs evoke very early Bowie, himself a student of the music-hall vocalists of the ˜40s and ˜50s. Perhaps the band has summed it up best in their one-line bio: The Deloreans are like Sinatra in Vegas, David Lynch, and being at the beach.

Anyway, the songs are catchy as hell, is the main thing. Check out Attacked By A Panther below. (more…)