Green Day ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Music Video

What do you get when you mix vampires, drama, romance and¦.Green Day?

Making their mark on the Twilight saga, alongside Feist, Passion Pit, and Nikki Reed, Green Day have revealed their gritty, footage-filled, love song tribute/video to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two. Combining clips from the film, alongside footage of Green Day’s performances and recordings, “The Forgotten” drifts in and out of somber melodies, taking a break from the more aggressive tracks the band has been churning out as of late.

Check out the song right here and give us your thoughts on the Green Day/Twilight collaboration.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Four Noteworthy Split Releases

With a steady decline in CD sales caused by an even more exponentially consistent incline in downloading, it’s becoming more and more difficult for artists to justify selling their music within physical mediums. The upside, however, is that many indie and DIY bands are using this as inspiration to get more creative, putting the extra effort into their physical products and making something even more unique and valuable for their fans. A classic example is the split release concept. With the recent resurgence of vinyl and reinforced motivation to create a valuable physical product, many bands have teamed up on interesting limited edition projects. Here are some notable split releases from this year and the past few years that are sure to be valuable collectors items: (more…)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milk and Honey

Yael Meyer

Yael Meyer had an idyllic childhood growing up in Santiago de Chile, a region of the earth where waterfalls, glaciers, deserts, and mountains coexist. This might explain the quixotic slant of her music, which to date has been aired on shows like Private Practice, and Drop Dead Diva. The LA-based singer-songwriter pens indie folk pop gems full of sweetness and light. I Wonder How starts with the stomp and twinkle of keys and tambourine, leading you into a softer sort of celebration that feels a bit like Feist. With its simple vocal lines, acoustic guitar and shaken percussion, Everything Will Be Alright is light and effervescent”the treacle for a gloomy day. And if that doesn’t do it for you, then skip to Heartbeat for a summery, piano-led romp steeped in nostalgia. Here comes the sun, little darlings.

The EditoriaList: Ten Best One-Shot Music Videos

The one-take video. Gimmick? Sure, it’s a bit of a gimmick, but we’re talking about music videos here, folks. These are essentially ads made to sell records, so let’s appreciate that the artists and directors here made the effort. And an effort it must be to coordinate some of these more complicated shoots. Oh, you know what I learned? That Rube Goldberg machine video from OK Go was not one-shot. Cheaters! They make the list anyway for their Internet-burning treadmill video. Cheeky bastards.

10. Undone “ Weezer

The video that launched Weezer. It was years before fans stopped asking drummer Pat Wilson to do his little butt-shake dance.