Lady Lamb On World Cafe Live

lady lamb
Aly Spaltro
and band – aka Lady Lamb – performed their new “Billions Of Eyes” plus a few other songs on World Cafe Live. She also spoke with David Dye in an interesting interview, which included an explanation of a reference in “Billions Of Eyes” to her relative who was named a saint. She also talks about songwriting and the recent truncation of her stage name. You can listen to the whole interview with all of the songs here.

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Bloodshot Reissues Bottle Rockets' First Two LPs; Exclusive Q and A

The long out-of-print first two albums from beloved rootsy rock underdogs The Bottle Rockets have finally been reissued, and with the deluxe treatment, no less.

On November 19th, Bloodshot Records released Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side as a two-disc package, including a detailed 40-page booklet. Released in 1993 and 1995 respectively, these two records are crucial early planks in the bridge from The Replacements through Ryan AdamsWhiskeytown and to the now-established alt-country scene.

Not only do the records hold up to their countless progeny, they sound even more vital than many of today’s roots rock releases. The albums’ straight-ahead, raw and roomy production (enhanced by a fine remastering job) has nothing in common with the budget indie sound that dates so many of their contemporaries and, along with the top-notch songwriting and fearless performances, makes for an exciting listen.

We had a quick Q&A with Bottle Rockets drummer Mark Ortmann to see what he thought accounted for the great sound on these records, as well as his thoughts on touring, playing with Marshall Crenshaw, and bands on other planets.

SJ: I had never heard these two early records, and being a fan of lots of independent releases from the early ’90s, I can’t believe how vibrant these sound in contrast, with a really high production value. That can’t just be the remaster, right? To what or whom do you attribute the sound of the recordings?

Mark: John Keane produced, recorded and engineered the debut album Bottle Rockets, whereas The Brooklyn Side was produced by Eric Ambel and recorded by Albert Caiati. Although the remastering did put a new polish on those albums, it’s John, Eric and Albert who are responsible for the vibrant quality of the original recordings. The common approach they took was to record a faithful representation of the band while avoiding the audio fads/trends of the times (gated drums, digital effects, etc.) There is more production on The Brooklyn Side because there was more studio time to work with by the second album, but neither album sounds dated due to the recording methods used.

Johan Rodrigues Discusses The Guitar That Started It All

We spend a lot of time covering the biggest pop acts here in the United States, but considering the fact OurStage welcomes artists and fans from all over the world we thought it would be fun to begin introducing a few world music new tidbits into the magazine as well. If you’re an international artist with a new song, video, or tour announcement, email with a link to your material. We cannot guarantee every submission will be featured on the blog, but we will reply to every message we receive.

In Portugal, if you’re looking for male pop artists you would be hard pressed to find a more notable person than Johan Rodrigues. His latest EP, Um, has been garnering praise the world over, and his latest single “Bad Girl” is so catchy it hurts. Johan recently took time from his busy schedule to discuss the gift that started his interest in music, the creation of Um, and developing as an international talent. You can read an excerpt from the piece below, then click here to read the full interview. (more…)

Max Bemis Opens Up About Fatherhood, Comics, and Music

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis recently sat down with AbsolutePunk for an extended interview that debuted online earlier today. In the piece, which was written by Drew Beringer, Bemis discussed his comic series, numerous musical projects, being a new dad and more. You can read the full feature on AP, but we’ve highlighted an interesting section for you to enjoy below:

First things first “ how awesome is it being a new dad?

It’s really amazing. To me, obviously the main perk being around the baby and just simply “ it sounds corny “ but just looking into her eyes is literally the most experience I have ever had in my life. You realize it’s your kid and that’s how your relationship with her, and it already sort of (more…)

MindEqualsBlown Interviews The Wonder Years

Hopeless Records’ act The Wonder Years are currently gearing up to release their new album, The Greatest Generation, this May. Recently, the Philadelphia based pop punk group took some time from their busy schedule while in Grand Rapids, MI to discuss their upcoming release with MindEqualsBlown. You can read a portion of the interview below and, if you feel like reading more, click here for the full feature. If you’d like to support The Wonder Years, click here to preorder The Greatest Generation.

MEB: Right now you’re currently on tour with Fireworks, Hostage Calm and Misser. How’s the tour going so far?

Soupy: Fantastic. We are at show number six. Four of six have sold out well in advance, while the other two have gotten close. I think Albany was pretty close and Minneapolis, I don’t want to say it was close to selling out because it was a huge, huge room, but it was a really great, really full crowd.

You also just got back from Soundwave in Australia. What were some of the highlights of that?

Personal highlights or professional highlights? Eh, personal highlights it is! One: I held a koala bear! Thatwas cool. We were walking around Lone Pine Animal Sanctuary in Brisbane, where you can pet kangaroos, hold koala bears and see all this shit. B-Real from Cypress Hill was hanging out, I have to assume high because, I mean, he’s in Cypress Hill. That’s their whole thing, right?


Not to unfairly judge the members of Cypress Hill, but I kind of think that’s kind of like the vibe they want to go for, regardless of just looking at like a giant fucking colorful bird, just staring at it. That alone time was kind of cool. I went to see Chris Jericho of the World Wrestling Entertaiment company, who also sings in a metal band called Fozzy. Well¦let me back it up. Soundwave is over the course of two weeks, and there’s only five shows, so you’re there a lot of the time when you’re there and you’re not playing festivals, and they do these things called Sidewaves. They basically say, Hey, every band on the Soundwave festival is in Sydney today, so instead of doing a festival, we’re going to have them all break down into three band bills and have them play small clubs around the city. One of the Sidewaves was Scott Ian from Anthraxand Chris Jericho doing spoken word, and they literally just sit there and tell stories for an hour each. And I’m a huge, huge wrestling mark, so I went to that. Everyone else went to do other cool stuff and I walked there for 25 minutes by myself through Sydney, and it was fucking killer, man. That was a huge highlight for me, Jericho’s spoken word. I met Jericho, which was also incredible; I got a picture with him, so that was really cool for me. I also got to stay on side stage and watch Blink [182] play. (more…)

Nardwuar Interviews Trinidad Jame$

If there is one person our entire editorial staff wishes they could be more like, it’s Nardwuar. Hailing from Canada, Nardwuar has built a name on being the most engaging (not to mention resourceful) journalist working today, and his latest interview is only further proof of his talent.

During SXSW last week, Nardwuar was in Austin recording a series of interviews that he plans to roll out in the coming weeks. The first, which he recorded with Trinidad Jame$, was made available earlier today. In the feature, fans learn about the rising artist’s roots in Trinidad and Atlanta, his favorite foods, his selfless nature and more. You can view the clip below. (more…)