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Arcade Fire Perform On 'The Tonight Show'

arcade-fireThis week marked a few very special moments in time for The Tonight Show. For starters, it was Jimmy Fallon‘s first week hosting the show, which is pretty monumental all by itself. Second, it was packed with guest performances by some of the industry’s hottest artists, like U2, Lady Gaga, and Tim McGraw. Last night, Arcade Fire brought a little indie rock life to the show with their hit, “Afterlife.” The performance even sported a spectacular light show, courtesy of a disco ball. Check it out below. (more…)

R. Kelly To Release More 'Trapped In The Closet' Chapters In 2014

Way back in 2012 we brought you the news that R. Kelly would be revisiting his infamous hip-hopera, Trapped in the Closet. But if you thought that was the end of it, think again. Two years later, it looks like R. Kelly will indeed be treating us to yet another peek into this seemingly never ending saga. IFC will premiere the new chapters, and promises fans that the episodes will involve “more drama, more crazy situations, more tumultuous relationships, more Sylvester, more Pimp Lucius, more Reverend Mosely, more everything that you love about ‘Trapped in the Closet.'”

Since there is currently no release date, you’ll just have to revel in the fact that on Dec. 7 at 5:15pm (ET) you can watch the first 33 chapters in bliss, courtesy of IFC.

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Lorde, The Beatles, Lady Gaga Contribute To Philippines Relief Album

What do The Beatles, Lorde, Cher, and Lady Gaga all have in common? No, this isn’t a bad joke. In fact, it’s pretty cool. The iconic superstars will be just some of the mega-acts contributing to a new relief album for Typhoon Haiyan. Coming in at a whopping 39 tracks, Songs for the Philippines is available on iTunes, with all proceeds being donated to the Philippine Red Cross. View the track list below and donate here. (more…)

Why No One Needs Lady Gaga To Reinvent Pop Music (And Why She Isn't Doing It Anyway)

In the 1950s and ’60s, ‘Pop’ art upended the staid world of fine art by incorporating elements from advertising, television, and consumer product packaging. It fundamentally shifted the public perception of visual art, redefined the acceptable subjects for the medium, and subtly exposed the supercilious pretension and meaningless market forces that governed the art world with shadowy power.

In 2013, Lady Gaga released ARTPOP. It has a track called “Sexxx Dreams,” and includes lyrics like, “Cuz that bitch, she’s so thin (oh la la la) / She’s so rich, and so blonde / She’s so fab, it’s beyond.”

This is not to discount her new album totally out of hand, (because, actually, her R. Kelly collaboration is pretty damn catchy) “ it’s just to say that Gaga’s self-proclaimed revolutionary pairing of high-brow art culture and pop music is actually very far from progressive, especially if you take her at her word about the motivation behind the project.

Gaga has stated that “the intention of the album was to put art culture into pop music, a reverse of Warhol.” So immediately it’s pretty obvious that she considers art and pop music to still exist in completely separate and non-overlapping spheres. This may be true, at least for the majority of serious artists who take on some projects for the sake of pure creativity, because they can’t not make art, and because even in a modern society that has devalued the role of the creators by overvaluing the distributors (ahem “ the Spotify model), they still see value in the process of making stuff for its own sake.

But Lady Gaga’s understanding of art culture seems a bit different. Her obsession and collaborations with huge art world names like Marina Abramović and Jeff Koons feel a lot like her own admitted obsession with fame, a major, ongoing theme in her music and life. Coincidentally (or not), the artists that Gaga admires most are those that have been prominently in the public eye for years. They are the giants on the world stage. Koons, who designed the ARTPOP album cover, recently sold one of his statues for $58.4 million. It was a gigantic orange balloon dog.

Lady Gaga Heads To Outer Space With "Venus"

The arrival of Lady Gaga‘s new album is growing closer by the day, and this morning another deep album cut, “Venus,” found it way online.

When “Applause” hit radio in August, fans feared Mother Monster had lost her edge. The song was no doubt catchy and theatrical, but it sounded far too similar to the material found on Born This Way to mark any creative progress. “Do What U Want” did a lot to right that wrong by offering a strong ’80s influence in a new context, and now “Venus” has arrived to ensure that yes, ARTPOP will indeed offer listeners another side of their beloved Lady Gaga.

After spending roughly a minute with an intro that essentially beckons listeners to take Gaga to their home planet, “Venus” builds into a pulsating club track about love in outer space. The music is undeniably modern, but the structure harkens back to the less-than-memorable moments of experimental ’70s disco pop. Whether or not that sits well with fans is anyone’s guess at this point, but it feels a bit too odd to score big at radio. Stream “Venus” below and let us know what you think of Gaga’s latest.

ARTPOP arrives in stores November 11. (more…)

Lady Gaga Channels The 1980s With A Little Help From R. Kelly On "Do What U Want"

2013 is going to go down in history as the year throwback pop took over the radio. Justin Timberlake led the Top 40 movement with “Suit & Tie,” Betty Who led indie acts with “Somebody Loves You,” and now Lady Gaga has recruited R&B legend R. Kelly to help her keep nostalgia alive and well with her ’80s drenched ARTPOP single “Do What You Want.”

Kicking off with a synth so thick it could rattle your skull through some decent headphones, “Do What U Want” is everything Gaga fans have been waiting for. “Applause” was a well-liked song, but it offered very little in terms of evolution from Born This Way. “Do What U Want” on the other hand, could not be more of a departure from the sound you’ve likely come to expect from Mother Monster. It’s relatively straightforward both musically and lyrically, though there are plenty of sexual undertones pulsing throughout, and nearly all her characteristic ‘theatric’ elements are nowhere to be found. This could be due to R. Kelly’s presence, but whatever the case, it makes for a single you won’t soon forget. Click below to stream “Do What U Want.”

ARTPOP is still a few weeks away from its November 5th release, but this seems like the beginning of the hype machine. Comment below and us know your thoughts on Gaga’s latest. (more…)

Lady Gaga Streams "Applause"

Following the early leak we addressed yesterday, Lady Gaga has posted a full stream of “Applause” for fans to enjoy.

Hitting the net shortly after noon yesterday, August 12, Gaga’s new single is the first to surface off her upcoming album, ARTPOP. “Applause” has all the ingredients of the pop starlet’s typical larger-than-life sound, with added elements of a more electronic leaning that brings to mind early ’90s Madonna (surprise) and a hook that just won’t quit, but it’s unquestionably different than the sound offered on Born This Way. I personally think it’s a little early to tell whether or not that change is for the best, but it’s certain to have fans talking for days to come. You can stream “Applause” below.

Taking to Twitter Monday afternoon, Gaga sounded off against the piracy she has been battling with a series of caps-locked tweets. She wrote, DUE TO HACKERS AN ABUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS¦WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY¦MONSTERS SPREAD THE WORD. POP MUSIC EMERGENCY #0DAYSTillAPPLAUSE MY NEW SINGLE COMES OUT TODAY. 911 SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.

ARTPOP hits stores in November. Comment at the end of this post and let us know your thoughts on Mother Monster’s latest. (more…)

Snippet of Lady Gaga's "Applause" Hits The Net

Lady Gaga has fiercely fought piracy since the early days of her career, but all those efforts were not enough to stop one anxious fan from sharing her latest effort a few day earlier than planned.

“Applause” is the long-awaited first single off Gaga’s forthcoming album Artpop, and as recently as Friday it was scheduled to make its debut later this week. But late Saturday night a small snippet of the chorus found its way online. Gaga was upset, and those wishing to read her thoughts on the incident can do so on Twitter, but fans were relatively overjoyed. We’ve included the snippet below, so click through and let us know what you think of Mother Monster’s latest.

“Applause” is still scheduled to debut this week, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Gaga found a way to up the ante now that the song has sprung a leak. Stay tuned! (more…)

Lady Gaga Unveils 'ARTPOP' Artwork

Lady Gaga has revealed the official artwork for her highly-anticipated new album, ARTPOP.

Gaga has never been one to shy away from controversy, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say the artwork for ARTPOP may upset the more conservative among us. Gaga appears only in ankle boots, sitting in a chair made out of computer parts, with very futuristic eyewear upon her face. It’s not quite NSFW, but if you’re at work you might want to bookmark this page for later. For everyone else, click below to view the cover of ARTPOP.

Lady Gaga’s new album will not hit stores until November 11, but over the weekend the singer revealed plans to release a new single entitled “Applause” on August 19. Look for a teaser to surface in the weeks ahead. (more…)

Lady Gaga Breaks Her Silence (Sorta); Posts Born This Way Tour Video

You may not have noticed this, but Lady Gaga has been relatively quiet on the news front since canceling her Monster’s Ball tour on Valentine’s Day of this year. No news, few tweets beyond general updates, and certainly no talk of music or touring has escaped Mother Monster’s camp in weeks, but a video posted this morning gives us hope that will soon change.

Uploaded to Gaga’s official YouTube with no message to speak of, the video is a new time-lapse clip showing the stage construction efforts on her recent Born This Way Ball tour. Set to Born This Way˜s ScheiíŸe,” the three-and-a-half minute video shows just what it takes to put on a larger than life show, including the need for 15 53-foot-long trailers just so that set pieces could be carried inside the arena. (more…)