OutKast To Headline Governors Ball

outkastOutKast fans, the news just keeps getting better and better. Not only will the duo reunite at Coachella 2014, but it looks like the group will also headline New York’s Governors Ball from June 6-7 on Randall’s Island. The festival will be teasing the remainder of the lineup on social media, before unveiling the rest of the 80+ bands playing next week. Check out a few current teasers below. (more…)

12/12/12 Sandy Relief Concert: Performances By Springsteen, Kanye, Members Of Nirvana, And More

Last night, hundreds of celebrities came together, as they so frequently do, for a benefit event at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The purpose of the 12/12/12 concert was to raise money for the victims and survivors of Hurricane Sandy as well as provide hope and support for those still struggling. Performers included Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Roger Waters, Adam Sandler with Paul Schaffer, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, The Who, Kanye West, Billy Joel, Chris Martin of Coldplay, and probably the most talked-about performance of the night, Paul McCartney with the surviving members of Nirvana for their first reunion in twenty years.

According to Billboard, it was a powerful night of poignant entertainment, as many of the performers were from the New York/New Jersey area and chose songs that specifically related to the event. Springsteen did a Medley of “My City In Ruins,” “Working On A Building,” and Tom Waits’ “Jersey Girl.” His songs all hit home as did Adam Sandler’s comical rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” entitled “Sandy Screw Ya.” Click the links below to watch of some of these highlight acts.

Paul McCartney with Pat Smear and Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novaselic

Adam Sandler Performing “Sandy Screw Ya” (Rewrite of “Hallelujah”)

ABC News Concert Recap

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Bayside Selling Benefit T-Shirt For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy
Redman Releases Hurricane Sandy Relief Freestyle


Bayside Selling Benefit T-Shirt For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast coast, wreaking havoc on New Jersey, New York City, and all of the surrounding states. Artists and bands have been quick to respond to this disaster, planning various benefit shows, merch specials, and fundraisers. Punk rock band Bayside are among those lending a helping hand.

The Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan natives are selling a limited edition benefit shirt to help their families, friends, and communities who were affected by the hurricane. As stated on their website, “all proceeds will be donated to the Greater New York American Red Cross.” This disaster has been tragic for many, including the members of Bayside, who have lost friends and family members to the storm. So if you’re feeling generous click here to contribute to a good cause.

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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Featured As Rolling Stone Daily Download

It’s no secret that we think OurStage favorites Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are destined for big things. Led by their eponymous 21-year-old guitar prodigy, the group has already rocked the stage at the OurStage NMS showcase in New York City and had their music featured in a Guitar Hero game. Now, they’re premiering a song over at Rolling Stone and getting ready for their rightful rock ‘n’ roll takeover. Check out the bluesy stomp of “Last One Leaving” from their upcoming album Wild Child at the Rolling Stone Daily Download page all this week.


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Coldplay Release New Video: Introduction To New Comic Book Series

Coldplay have premiered a new music video for their single “Hearts Like Heaven,” featuring footage adapted from their upcoming comic book series. That’s right, Coldplay are making comic books now. The video is an introduction into the fantasy/sci-fi world of main character Mylo Xyloto, which consequently is also the title of both the series and the album that tell the story.

According to StereoGum.com, Mylo Xyloto will be a “six-part miniseries… reportedly [leading] up to a feature film.” The first issue of this series will be making its debut this weekend at the New York City Comic-Con, with the remaining five installments scheduled for production starting in February 2013.

While this is a brand new direction for Coldplay, they are not the first band to go nerd on us. Prog-rock band Coheed & Cambria are almost a decade into their career of creating conceptual albums with accompanying comic books (which are also currently being made into a movie, coincidentally). Perhaps this may have inspired the English lads in Coldplay to pursue their endeavor. Who knows, maybe we’ll see even more conceptual comic book adaptations from other musicians once Mylo Xyloto hits the mainstream market… The Adventures Of Lady Gaga: Radio-Active Warrior Princess From Outer Space… anyone?

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama, Beyoncé, Jay-Z Mingle At Fundraiser Dinner

Just look at this photo and try not to smile. Of course, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and President Obama all had their own reasons to smile this week when the couple hosted a $40,000 dollar-a-plate fundraiser dinner for the President at Hova’s super swanky 40/40 club in New York City. Obama got to clarify his campaign message to a selective group of wealthy donors, and Beyoncé and Jay“Z got to support their candidate of choice. We believe in his vision,” Beyoncé said of Obama, who took a good-natured jab at her husband during his speech. The president referred to how he and Jay“Z both “have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. So, you know, we’ve got a little bond there. It’s hard but it’s OK. Though Obama has never been one to showboat, rather preferring a calmer, humbler brand of confidence, he also could have just said, “I got 99 problems but a Mitt ain’t one.”

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Drake and Chris Brown Trade Blows, Beaus

In Drake’s verse on the new 2 Chainz single  “No Lie,” which quite apparently references his on-and-off relationship with Rihanna, he raps “She came through, she brought food, she got fucked, she knew wassup.” Essentially the same could be said about Chris Brown after he and Drake were allegedly involved in a fist fight about the Barbadian singer at an after-hours club in New York City late last night.

According to TMZ and Media Takeout, both artists found themselves in the same club, igniting past tensions over their shared romantic interest in Rhianna. This is where the story gets hazy. When Drake allegedly rejected a bottle of champagne that Brown sent to his table as a peaceful gesture, Brown supposedly confronted him and his entourage furiously. What followed was a chaotic scuffle of broken bottles, punches, and one serious gash to the face for Brown.

While club confrontations are nothing new in the world of pop stars behaving badly, Drake and Brown’s bout of fisticuffs has provided some novel fodder for the Twittersphere. The beef between Drake and Brown has simmered for a while, and this is the first time it’s exploded into a physical altercation. It’s hard to predict how the rivalry will continue from here, but fans of both artists can at least hope for some great diss tracks to result from the incident. Sure, losing a chunk of his chin doesn’t exactly make Brown 50 Cent, but that doesn’t mean he can’t milk it for all it’s musically worth.

Fire and Ice

Just across the Hudson, tucked between the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, is Hoboken, NJ. A less frenetic, friendlier version of New York City, Hoboken still functions as sort of a microcosm of Manhattan with its restaurants, galleries, and vibrant music scene. Just like Hoboken, ARTWORK reflects the sometimes opposing forces and surprising beauty of the big city. On Skies gnarled guitars and stomping drums give way to a coasting melody with blissed out vocals and twee lyrics reminiscent of Owl City. But just as soon as you begin to get lulled into submission, in comes a menacing, spoken word bridge to upset the calm. On Casting Stones staccato guitars, blasts of distortion, thrashing drums, and whirls of synths create a decidedly more turbulent vibe. I’ll set the world in flames, singer Darren Fisher promises. True, but they’ll also provide the salve to soothe the burn.

Judge And Rank The Coldest MC's For A Chance To Win Incredible Prizes From Coors Light

Do you know amazing hip hop when you hear it? Want to put your talents to good use and score some sweet prizes? Good, we’ve got just the thing. Judge in the Coors Light® Search For The Coldest Competition between April 1 and July 10, and you’re eligible to win daily prizes including G-Tech DJ Backpacks with built-in speakers, Jambox speakers by Jawbone and official Coors Light SFTC 2012 t-shirts. In addition, you could be one of four fans to win BIG.

Two winners will get a trip for two to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, LA from July 6-8, including airfare and hotel accommodations for three nights, two tickets for the Festival and a $300 gift card. Two additional winners will receive a trip for two to the Search for the Coldest Finale in New York City on July 26, 2012, including airfare and hotel accommodations for two nights, two tickets to attend the Search For the Coldest Finale and a $300 gift card.

Head to searchforthecoldest.com to get started.