The Narrative To Release New Music & Video

The Narrative New York’s The Narrative recently teased fans with a big announcement…if they hit 20,000 likes on Facebook. With hardly any effort at all, the duo surpassed that marker and revealed plans to mix and master 12 new songs that were recorded nearly two years ago. Although the details on the potential release are still a little hazy, the band has also promised the premiere of a new music video and song in the near future. As much as we love the suspense and anticipation of new tunes, we’re a little anxious to learn when we can really hear them. At least with the band’s promise that “lots of new music and a music video [will be] coming your way from The Narrative in 2014” we know the wait can’t be too long. Check out the full Facebook post from The Narrative here.

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"Beastie Boys Square" Petition Denied

Beastie BoysRemember back in December, when Beastie Boys fan LeRoy McCarthy petitioned for the intersection of Ludlow Street and Rivington Street to be renamed “Beastie Boys Square”? Unsurprisingly, a Manhattan community board ruled against that petition yesterday, despite McCarthy’s original plea that, Because of the album cover photo, and [because] the Beastie Boys were ever-changing NYC artist, the location of Ludlow Street and Rivington Street would be a great place to honor Beastie Boys with a corner co-naming.

The vote was practically unanimous at 24 to 1 (that one must have been a major Beastie Boys fan) and prevents McCarthy from filing this application for at least five years.

Explaining the decision, the board’s chairwoman Gigi Li explained to DNAInfo, “My decision was based on the fact that it did not meet the criteria and the fact that previously our most recent group of co-namings held each application to the high standard of meeting every single criteria we set out for co-namings.”

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Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift Take Home Billboard Touring Awards

Last night marked the 10th annual Billboard Touring Awards as heavyweights Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, P!nk, The Rolling Stones, One Direction, and George Strait all took home some of the night’s top honors. Based heavily on the Billboard Boxscore chart and box office performances between October 1, 2012, and September 30, 2013, the awards saw industry veteran Bon Jovi win Top Tour and Top Draw, while Taylor Swift’s raved about Red tour (featuring Ed Sheeran) was named Top Package.

Check out the full list of winners below, and let us know in the comments who had your vote.


I Can See Mountains Inch Closer To Global Takeover With "I Play The Fox"

There must be something in the water in upstate New York because the last few years have seen dozens of great bands rise from its various scenes, including I Can See Mountains.

If you could step into a time machine and jump back a decade or more, you’d find alternative rock/punk to be a completely differently world than it is today. There were just as many, if not more bands then, but no one had the kind of unlimited access to social networks and recording technology that people do today. If you wanted a solid EP you had to pay for it, and even if you managed to do that there was no guarantee any blogger, critic, label, or casual listener would give it the time of day. Bands had to fight tooth and nail for listeners, and that process of personally trying to connect with thousands would (hopefully) forge relationships that eventually turned into band revenue. Things are different now, of course, but the bands who find flash in the pan success with early material rarely prove to have the heart or talent needed to endure a career in music. If a band wants to make it they still need those connections with listeners to survive, and in an age where everyone is connect that is harder than ever to achieve. I Can See Mountains have mastered this aspect of marketing however, and it’s clearer than ever that they have bright things ahead of them with “I Play The Fox.” (more…)

Yonas Releases Video For "Clockwork"

OurStage artist Yonas has just released the official video for his new single “Clockwork” off of his upcoming EP The Black Canvas, which drops on February 4. “The black sheep in life is the person that stands out amongst the crowd,” Yonas describes. “The black canvas is the art that stands out amongst the industry.” Check out the video below.

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Jes Hudak: OurStage Pro Artist Of The Week

It’s not often that an independent artist has their music featured on national television, reaches the Top 10 on the Australian iTunes charts, or gets the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Giants Stadium. But there’s one incredible female artist who has done it all (and more), and that’s New York native and OurStage’s own, Jes Hudak.

After learning piano at a young age, and first performing live at only 13 years old, Hudak took the world by storm by recording, producing, and self-releasing two albums, all while performing on the same stages as Maroon 5 and Gavin DeGraw. Since winning OurStage’s Lilith Fair contest in 2010, she’s won the Billboard World Song Contest in Pop, and released “No One In The World,” which became an AOL Featured Music Video of the Day.

Her music takes the familiarity of catchy pop hooks and combines them with a strong and unique voice, making for a refreshing take on the tried-and-true singer-songwriter formula. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to her track All Mine right here.


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