Vic and Gab: OurStage Pro Artist Of The Week

And the very first OurStage Pro Artist of the Week is…the excellent Vic and Gab. This sister duo, who play mesmerizing, grooving, and powerfully catchy indie pop, joined OurStage in 2010 and have since made an impressive amount of headway in their career. That year, they won the opportunity to have a song featured on MTV’s (controversial but short-lived series) Skins. Just this past July, they played the stage at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. Then, two months later, they were playing for 18,000 people in their hometown of Milwaukee, at a rally for President Obama’s re-election. Not a bad trajectory and there’s surely more to come. We’re proud to feature them as our Artist of the Week.

Here’s “So Long So Tired” as heard on MTV:


Here’s a cool video from behind the scenes at Warped, featuring the song “Walls”:

Here’s Vic and Gab at the Obama rally:


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    Bob Dylan Updates His Facebook Status For The First Time Ever!

    Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to welcome oldtimer Bob Dylan to the internet. The master of folk has finallyĀ figured out how to work that confounded computing machine and has even managed to personally update his facebook status for the first time ever!

    What special occasion could possibly compel the legendary geezer to dust off his monitor and update the ol’ ‘book? Why, the election of course! Before Obama’s win was confirmed, Dylan took to his profile with the following message:

    “Here’s pretty close to what I said last night in Madison. I said from the stage that we had to play better than good tonight, that the president was here today and he’s a hard act to follow. Also, that we’re not fooled by the media and we think it’s going to be a landslide. That’s pretty much all of it.”

    Huh, not bad I guess. Better than my first status update at least: “Hot Pockets r good but I always burn my mouth šŸ™ lol.” Looks like Dylan is finally becoming one of us. Let’s just hope we don’t lost him to rage face memes and pictures of cats (He strikes me as a FarmVille kinda guy)… It’s a slippery slope from here…

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    With the 2012 presidential campaign well underway, hip-hop heavyweights are weighing in on the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney battle. While the celebrity circuit has been relatively quiet compared to the last election, some stars are stepping up to lend their support to Obama, while others are just encouraging young people to vote.

    Last week, legendary rapperĀ Immortal Technique voiced his support for President Obama, and doubted he would be ousted come November.

    “I don’t think [Romney will] be elected. I’m not saying there’s no chance. I just think the chips are going to fall with Obama. I think a lot of people are very invested in that, and the infrastructure of AmericaĀ ā€ especially finishing these wars and going through economic changeĀ ā€ rare to see them oust a president that way. Although, Romney does have a huge, huge cash influx, which makes him able to put all these ads out. It’ll just be up to the swing states. New York is always going to be Democrat for the most part,” he told Vlad TV.

    He also took some time to compare the two candidates, noting Romney’s new focus on personality. (more…)

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