Vic and Gab: OurStage Pro Artist Of The Week

And the very first OurStage Pro Artist of the Week is…the excellent Vic and Gab. This sister duo, who play mesmerizing, grooving, and powerfully catchy indie pop, joined OurStage in 2010 and have since made an impressive amount of headway in their career. That year, they won the opportunity to have a song featured on MTV’s (controversial but short-lived series) Skins. Just this past July, they played the stage at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. Then, two months later, they were playing for 18,000 people in their hometown of Milwaukee, at a rally for President Obama’s re-election. Not a bad trajectory and there’s surely more to come. We’re proud to feature them as our Artist of the Week.

Here’s “So Long So Tired” as heard on MTV:


Here’s a cool video from behind the scenes at Warped, featuring the song “Walls”:

Here’s Vic and Gab at the Obama rally:


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    Bob Dylan Updates His Facebook Status For The First Time Ever!

    Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to welcome oldtimer Bob Dylan to the internet. The master of folk has finally figured out how to work that confounded computing machine and has even managed to personally update his facebook status for the first time ever!

    What special occasion could possibly compel the legendary geezer to dust off his monitor and update the ol’ ‘book? Why, the election of course! Before Obama’s win was confirmed, Dylan took to his profile with the following message:

    “Here’s pretty close to what I said last night in Madison. I said from the stage that we had to play better than good tonight, that the president was here today and he’s a hard act to follow. Also, that we’re not fooled by the media and we think it’s going to be a landslide. That’s pretty much all of it.”

    Huh, not bad I guess. Better than my first status update at least: “Hot Pockets r good but I always burn my mouth 🙁 lol.” Looks like Dylan is finally becoming one of us. Let’s just hope we don’t lost him to rage face memes and pictures of cats (He strikes me as a FarmVille kinda guy)… It’s a slippery slope from here…

    If you like Bob Dylan, then you might also like OurStage’s own Joncallmusic.

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    Soundcheck: Hip-Hop Gets Political

    With the 2012 presidential campaign well underway, hip-hop heavyweights are weighing in on the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney battle. While the celebrity circuit has been relatively quiet compared to the last election, some stars are stepping up to lend their support to Obama, while others are just encouraging young people to vote.

    Last week, legendary rapper Immortal Technique voiced his support for President Obama, and doubted he would be ousted come November.

    “I don’t think [Romney will] be elected. I’m not saying there’s no chance. I just think the chips are going to fall with Obama. I think a lot of people are very invested in that, and the infrastructure of America especially finishing these wars and going through economic change rare to see them oust a president that way. Although, Romney does have a huge, huge cash influx, which makes him able to put all these ads out. It’ll just be up to the swing states. New York is always going to be Democrat for the most part,” he told Vlad TV.

    He also took some time to compare the two candidates, noting Romney’s new focus on personality. (more…)

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    Discourse & Dischord

    The Good

    Funny or Die sends M.I.A. to the suburbs

    Watch your back, Funny or Die. After a New York Times article hinted that pop artist/politico M.I.A. may enjoy the finer things in life more than she would like known, the singer fired back by publishing the interviewer’s cell phone number on her Twitter page. Nerve=hit. Now Funny or Die is rubbing a little salt in the wound with this video parody of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, which depicts the singer living in the tony Brentwood neighborhood with an au pair and a predilection for Monet and fine wines. Can’t wait to see M.I.A.’s graceful response to this one . . .  keep an eye on her Twitter page.

    The Bad

    Justin Bieber tries to escape crazed groupies on a Segway

    Run, Bieber, run! Or, stand on a machine that will run for you. That’s what the teen pop star did when frenzied fans caught sight of him in an Arizona parking lot. Apparently being seen on a Segway is less traumatizing than being attacked by rabid tweens. Check out the video below.

    The Ugly

    St. Louis birds poo-poo Kings of Leon concert

    Kings of Leon had to cut their set short in what is now being referred to as Pigeongate. After opening acts the Postelles and the Stills endured a torrent of pigeon droppings during their sets at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, Kings of Leon took the stage with a little trepidation. Three songs in, an unidentified feathered sharpshooter released a load that landed near bassist Jared Followill’s mouth, causing the band to halt the show. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, How rude!

    LiveNation, the promoter of the event, promised fans a full refund.


    Discourse & Dischord

    The Good

    Christian Bale dances to Gaga

    Don’t know about you, but all that oil spill footage had us in a deep, greasy funk this week. So it’s nice to get some levity, especially when it comes from an unexpected source such as the perpetually cranky Christian Bale. Watch this clever mash-up of Bale circa the 1992 Disney musical Newsies dancing to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Yes, it’s another Gaga video. We promise we’ll stop. Right after we tell you about this one starring babies dancing to Telephone. There, done.

    The Bad

    Chris Brown denied visa to UK

    Chris Brown

    Days before his UK tour was set to begin, Chris Brown was notified this week that his application for a visa had been rejected due to his February assault conviction stemming from a fight with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The UK Home Office reserves the right to deny entry to anyone guilty of a criminal offense. Brown indulged in a little pity party in the Twitterverse after hearing the news, writing, U ever feel like the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through? [sic]. We would feel sorry for him if not for, you know, that whole oil spill thing going on. And every other thing happening in the world.

    Gorillaz and Pixies pull out of Tel Aviv music festival

    First it was Elvis Costello, now Gorillaz and Pixies have canceled their appearances at a Tel Aviv music festival after Israeli forces attacked ships bringing aid to Gaza, resulting in nine deaths. Costello’s wife, chanteuse Diana Krall, is still scheduled to perform this summer.

    The Ugly

    Lady Gaga debuts Alejandro video, ruffles feathers across America

    Remember that time we said were done with Lady Gaga videos? Kidding! This one is the latest from the woman herself, and it’s a doozey. The concept is sort of all over the place, but in a nutshell it’s about gay men in fishnets and bowl cuts simulating sex with Gaga. Oh, and she wears a nun’s habit and eats a rosary, too. If you listen closely, you can hear the message boards on Fox News screaming.

    Kanye West’s car stolen, totaled

    Kanye West

    Looks like Kanye West’s black Porsche Panamera was stolen in Honolulu and crashed into a house shortly thereafter. We anticipate an explosion of caps on West’s blog in 3 ¦ 2 ¦ 1 ¦


    Viewer Discretion Advised: "Mocking" The Video

    It’s important to keep a sense of humor when dabbling in the deep dark depths of music-related video content. In an age where producing a music video can sometimes resemble the set of a Tom Cruise movie (remember MTV’s Making The Video) we sometimes have to bring these heavyweights back down to Earth. Luckily, the funny guys and girls of Key of Awesome have gotten off to a pretty good start.

    Key of Awesome is a weekly musical web comedy show that spoofs our favorite artists and celebrities. No one within the pop-culture realm is safe. The web series is produced by Next New Network‘s Barely Digital, an online video site launched in 2009 that strictly satires the technologies we all know and love so well. Barely Digital in itself is actually a spin off of the NNN’s Barely Political Channel, which is responsible for 2008’s viral sensation”17 million YouTube hits strong””Crush On Obama.”

    Just this past January, Weezer paired up with Key of Awesome to scour the Internet for the funniest (web) music videos of 2009 that mocked or parodied a current music video. Winners Rhett and Link won a cameo in Weezer’s video for “I Want You To” thanks to their submission “Fast Food Folk Song“. In their video they poke fun at the drive-thru raps in commercials by singing their order at a Taco Bell drive-thru. And despite the almost 3 minute song naming off multiple fast food Mexican snacks, the Taco Bell employee totally nails the order. We highly recommend you check it out.

    But we digress. Like we said, no one is safe from the clutches of Key of Awesome. They’ve parodied everyone from Metallica to Adam Lambert to Lady Gaga. So it comes as no surprise that their latest victim is none other than tween/web/soccer mom sensation Justin Bieber. “Lil Wayne” even makes a spoof-tastic cameo from behind bars. Check it out below!