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October is always a month for changes. The leaves start changing color, the weather starts getting colder and the feeling that winter is right around the corner starts to creep in. But October isn’t all bad! The brisk weather can be really refreshing, and Halloween” the one day of the year where adults get to play dress up and not look insane”is always sure to be a blast. So with that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a brand new playlist of OurStage songs to soundtrack your weekend of leaf raking or your awesome Halloween party. Head over to the OurStage Facebook page to download the mix for free, or check out 8tracks to listen to it along with our past Editor Picks playlists. So put on your headphones, kick back, and enjoy some great tunes.

Those Mockingbirds “Coast To Coast” – If you’re looking for some ’90s nostalgia you’ve come to the right place. This song has the influence of grunge written all over it.

Kim Wempe “Out Of My Closet” – The perfect mix of folk and blues for a lazy autumn afternoon.

Dirty Fuzz “The True History Of Rock And Roll” – The title pretty much speaks for itself. Loud guitar riffs and soulful singing evoke the memories of past rockstars.

The Trews “The World, I Know” – You can hear influences from the Rolling Stones to R.E.M. in this hard rocking tune.

Windoview “Uke Song” – Ukuleles seem to be all the rage these days, and this song doesn’t fail to disappoint. A soft and heartfelt indie pop song.

The All-Girl Boys Choir “Red” – Even though they’re only a duo, The All-Girl Boys Choir rocks out harder than most bands double their size. Don’t ever say that girls can’t rock too!

Andrew Belle “Static Waves” – Andrew Belle’s acoustic ballad gets a boost from a backup female singer and an accompanying string section for an epic sounding song.

Tess Dunn “Marionette Of Me” – An irresistible piano line and Tess Dunn’s catchy vocal melodies ensure that this track will remain stuck in your head for awhile.

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Press Shuffle: Artist Access

There’s something to be said about the Artist Access Channel here in OurStage. Yes, it’s the Premium Member Channel. Yes, the prizes absolutely kick ass. Yes, it’s extremely competitive (even more reason to dive in and prove yourself, right?). But the one musical aspect that makes it stand out the most from all other channels is the type of artists that converge here to compete for the ultimate prize. This is the only channel that invites entries from rock, pop, urban and country musicians and leaves it completely up to the fans to decide what is the best of these worlds. As they say, “variety is the spice of life.” And what could possibly summarize this better than what we look for here in Press Shuffle? Ahead, a varied selection of unique tunes that show off the broad spectrum of musical talent from all over the country.

Praying For Rain” – Jillian Valentine: Sassy and powerful, Jillian Valentine drives this rocking tune with determination and style. Her experience as a singer and a songwriter shine through with flying colors in this song and album.

Lost in Time” – Sly-Chi: This Portland funk group bends the lines between genres to create a sound reminiscent to the ’70s and ’80s funk hits (á la Earth, Wind and Fire). Tight rhythm section, big horn hits and syncopated rhythm guitar; this band’s got it all.

He Talked About Memphis” – James Cain: If you talk about Memphis, Graceland and your “momma” in a twangy voice, you might just be a country singer.

Ariel” – Moovalya: In a genre whose songwriting, performance and lyrical themes all tend to fall on the formulaic, Moovalya packs a punch with a few twists, all in a song hitting just over the two minute mark. If pop-punk is your thing, then you definitely need to check this song out.

This Is Me” – H2-O: With a strictly hip hop sound, this song tells a story of personal exploration and growth. In his quest for recognition, H2-O has come from a big business past and left it all for his one love and dream: music. All he offers is himself, and we’re more than happy to take him up on his plan.

Ohio” – Skyler: Mix the uplifting theme, vocal melodies and glossy production of modern rock with the driving drums and momentous energy of punk and you’ve got a basic idea of how Skyler do their thing.

Gotta Be More ft. Marka” – TAMPPA: Hearing this song in a club on a weekend outing isn’t farfetched. The poppin’ dance beat and the catchy chorus are enough to get the crowd going.

Don’t Let Go” – Dail Martin: With a soulful take on the jazz ballad, “Don’t Let Go” offers a modern twist to the traditional formula used by the jazz greats of the 20th Century. Even more: this song is so intrinsically different to every other song on the channel (both in style and delivery) that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to display it.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment! Listen to previous Press Shuffle playlists over at

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We know the feeling. You start seeing all those ads for “Back to School” supplies. The first few leaves start turning yellow. You’re not drenched with sweat all the time. Yes, it’s official. The summer will soon start winding down, but don’t let that stop you from getting in one last awesome summer playlist! We’ve made it easy for you. Check out the OurStage Facebook page to download our hand-picked mix for free, or listen to it on 8tracks along with the past Editor Picks playlists. The best of OurStage is right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Put on these tunes and keep the fall at bay for just a little bit longer.

Sleeperstar “We Go Tonight” – Just listen to that intro and try not to feel awesome. When the tension builds up through an insistent lead vocal line and ringing snare explodes into epic guitar riff, you’ll know what we mean.

Sarah Cripps “Getaway Car” – This tune’s bluesy guitar riffs and swaggering drum beat will make you want to take another swig of whiskey before your second round on that mechanical bull.

David Berkeley “Parachute” – Berkeley builds his clever wordplay around the perfect metaphor for a damaged relationship. Also, just try to resist the “ba ba bas.” Yep, you can’t.

Talain Rayne “Dear Sister, Your Brother” – Recipe for a sweet ode to childhood friends: two parts male-female harmonies, 1 part ukelele, and a pinch of shakers.

Adriana Sky “I’ll Find You” – Adriana Sky’s muscular guitar riffs and impassioned vocals will make you want to puff out your chest and pretend to belt into your hairbrush. Go ahead, we’re not watching.

Lost In Society “Not Afraid” – Punk’s not dead! Lost In Society are keeping it alive with their gravelly vocals and crunching power chords. All you need now is a mosh pit.

Old Wives’ Tale “Bliss” – The warbly synth and jangly guitar hook create an alternate reality where disco is somehow way cooler than it actually was.

The Niceguys “Things Ain’t The Same” – Over a slinky guitar line and a smooth bass groove, The Niceguys drop tight nostalgic rhymes about a past fling that now just isn’t the same.


Download The OurStage Rock n' Popsicles Playlist

It’s official, people”the Rock n’ Popsicles playlist has arrived. Twelve of the most sweltering summer tracks from the OurStage rock and pop community are yours for the taking! We launched the Rock n’ Popsicles Summer Song Competition to track down the best undiscovered warm-weather anthems and, boy, did we find them. Summer means different things to different people – and we think this playlist pretty much covers it all. So it’s time to grab your friends, throw on some flip-flops, light that grill and let the summer jams commence. Download the OurStage Rock n’ Popsicles playlist now to celebrate your summer the best way possible.

OurStage “Rock n’ Popsicles” playlist track listing:

  1. The Reel – “Time of Your Life”
  2. Skyler – “Summer”
  3. RIA – “Alright”
  4. New Haven – “Hot Day”
  5. Mon Chéri – “Psyche”
  6. Late Cambrian – “Eastern Stone”
  7. IV Elmendorf – “Dreams Come True”
  8. Darlingside – “Surround”
  9. Common Ground – “Live It!”
  10. Califarians – “My Guitar”
  11. Amy Kuney – “Simple Things”
  12. Adam Ezra Group“Colder Days”

Editor 2010 Picks: Heavy Rotation Playlist

In 2010 hundreds of thousands of artists entered our monthly competitions, and millions of music lovers ranked their favorite tracks, positioning the Top 100 songs across thirty or more music charts every month. As a proud connoisseur of independent music, I’ve always made it a point to turn my family and friends on to new talents that “I” discover. With a talent pool as rich as the OurStage music charts, there is a never ending reservoir to tap into.

The “Lilith Local Talent Search” brought droves of female artists, “Your Next Record with Keith Urban” brought the country, Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Competition represented hip hop and promotions with Bon Jovi, John Mayer, Train and the Goo Goo Dolls rallied legions of pop and rock artists. While there were many winners who earned career-enhancing opportunities, editorial coverage and cash money, the front-runners only scratched the surface of artists whose talent need to be heard.

Press “Play” to hear songs that have been in heavy rotation throughout 2010 then continue reading to find out why these artists made this list.


Editor at Large and Director of Community & Content for

Heavy Rotation Artists:
Dirty Fuzz. Why? Cuz these UK rockers kick-it old school. Think Muddy Waters meet Zepplin.
The Story of Sound. Why? Hailing from Orange City, Florida, the quintet released their impressive debut EP earlier this year. Check out the killer breakdown in “The Razing”.
Transmit Now. Why? Provocative lyrics and you can dance to it.
Hotspur. Why? The cool kids at OurStage having been digging this DC based band for awhile, but this year the band won the New Music Seminar’s “Artist on The Verge” award and the industry took notice.
Sleeperstar. Why? Their epic Pop song “Disengage” ranked within OurStage’s Top 10 throughout 2010, and helped secure their opening slot for John Mayer.
Go Periscope. Why? Eighties inspired music for fist pumping at the disco. What’s not to love?
SOFIA. Why? Winners of the October’s 5k Grand Prize. ‘Nough said.
Dujeous. Why? Soul-fueled hip hop with guest vocals by the Sharon Jones!
IYEOKA. Why? Power-house vocals, infectious beats and uplifting lyrics raise the roof on “Millionaire”.
Tierra Heart. Why? Granddaughter of legendary jazz musician Julius Hemphill, this California natives gives Beyoncé a run for her money.
Chris Akinyemi. Why? Digging the R&B vibe this newcomer embraces on his debut EP, released this past summer.
Shane Gambles. Why? Country crooner Shane Gambles wets our taste for lovesick melodies on “Turn My Way”.
Katie Cole. Why? Cole’s  radio-ready “Lost Inside A Moment” feels like the pop crossover for an already established country star.
Ashlee Hewitt. Why? Love Taylor Swift but want to hear a song that isn’t overexposed? “About A Boy” will be music to your ears.
Grant Craig. Why? Enshrouded in mystery (read: one song uploaded to an otherwise empty profile on OurStage), Craig’s “Good To Be Alive” is reminiscent of Pete Yorn and catchy as hell.
Chris Pureka. Why? Because Pureka’s latest release How I Learned To See In The Dark is one of my favorite albums of the year. The internationally touring indie songstress has recently garnered press from Billboard and The New York Times.
Lindsay Mac. Why? Mac strums the cello like a guitar and is evocative of PJ Harvey, Morphine and Liz Phair.
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. Why? Wide eyed, low-fi and wonderously quirky, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (aka Aly Spaltro) has won the hearts of tastemakers including the Brooklyn Vegan.
The Organ Beats. Why? Noelle LeBlanc was signed to a major and toured internationally with her band Damone but traded it in when she found her life at a crossroads and her brother available to get behind the drum kit.
Pomplamoose. Why? Before their quirky covers of hits like “Single Ladies” went viral on YouTube, and before becoming the duo in the holiday Hyundai commercial, they were on OurStage and we were blogging about them.
Shayna Zaid And The Catch. Why? Because they are another OurStage artist currently licensed to a national ad campaign that we can’t get enough of.
Who’s on your heavy rotation list for 2010? Share your picks in the “Comments”.