Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?

Since the announcement of Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez as co-hosts of The X Factor, the anticipation toward their live show debut has been building. Wednesday night, the wait was finally over as we watched Lopez breeze through the show, with Odom awkwardly stumbling through. Check out more details after the jump. (more…)

Nicki Minaj Announces E! Reality Show Special

For anyone who has ever wondered what hip-hop turned pop diva sensation, Nicki Minaj does during her down time, you’re in luck.

Beginning Nov. 4, E! will give fans an in-depth, candid look at the inner workings of Minaj’s personal and professional life, releasing never before seen moments in a three part mini series.

Speaking about the both her upcoming The Re-Up DVD and E! series premiere, Minaj tweeted:

We watched the REUP DVD and the 1st episode of the E! series¦.u guys are going to go crazzzzyyyyy when you see it! NOV19TH DVD, NOV4TH E!

You can also catch Minaj on American Idol returning Jan. 16 at 8pm on FOX.

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X Factor Renewed For Third Season

I can’t imagine a better way for reality TV junkies to start their Tuesday morning other than reveling in the recently confirmed news that FOX’s X Factor will be returning for a third season.

Though it is still unclear if Britney Spears or Demi Lovato will be back for the third season, FOX’s alternative entertainment president Mike Darnell made a few comments, which seemed to indicate a favorable push towards the two.

“The format changes are working, the contestants are unbelievably talented, and Britney and Demi ” alongside Simon and L.A. Reid ” have brought an incredibly fun new chemistry to the judges’ panel that our fans really love.

Also weighing in on the renewal was everyone’s favorite love to hate him judge, Simon Cowell.

I couldn’t be happier about The X Factor already being renewed for another season, Cowell said, I am so proud of the show and the team who have made it this season. I want to thank our incredible sponsors for their support and creativity, and FOX for going out of their way to do everything they can to make this show a success. Most importantly, I have to personally thank our amazing fans for the support and enthusiasm they have given to The X Factor. Our main commitment will always be to find great talent, and let’s not forget, we are now days away from our first live shows. The gloves are off! Expect fireworks!

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Nicki Minaj Considers Reality Show

Nicki Minaj’s plot for world pop culture domination is nearing completion. During the past month, the singer announced the November re-release of the next chapter in her Leaves of Grass“esque Pink Friday saga, became the newest American Idol judge, and released a brand of perfume that looks like the urn for a cremated cyborg prostitute. As if that weren’t enough, Minaj recently stated in an interview with Perez Hilton that she would “consider” working on a reality television show. Minaj explained, “The more people see, the more they understand, and the more they like you. If you only have such one-dimensional things to go off as rumors or stuff on blogs, then you never get to know the artist. But sometimes, when you pull them into your world, they understand everything.” Reportedly, Minaj’s show would air on the E! Network, the home of fellow misunderstood families like the Kardashians, who have yet to make sense to anybody.

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'The Voice' Is Back: What's New For Season 3?

It’s hard to believe that The Voice is already back, but we’re not complaining.

The second season of the hit singing competition, which stars Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee-Lo Green as judges, only just wrapped in May. With the third season kicking off tonight, here are some exciting new twists you can look forward to.

  • Bigger teams: The teams have been increased from 12 up to 16 contestants, which is twice as many as were on the Season 1 teams. The result? Battle rounds AND “knockout rounds.” This is going to be intense.
  • Stealing: We’ve all seen this happen: Two amazing contestants go up against each other, their coach rambles on about how much s(he) loves both of them, and said coach eventually has to make the heartbreaking elimination. Now, the other three coaches will have the ability to steal the eliminated contestant and add them to their team. This is sure to cause some drama (and heightened competition between the coaches).
  • New mentors: The Voice is all about musical diversity. Last season, we had the opportunity to see contestants of all backgrounds get mentored by the likes of Alanis Morissette, Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Ne-Yo. This time around, they’ll be working with mentors from completely different genres than their coaches, which is sure to make for some great TV. Offering up their pearls of wisdom will be Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day (Team Christina), Mary J. Blige (Team Adam), Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 (Team Cee-Lo), and Michael Bublé (Team Blake).
  • More familiar faces: Viewers of the first two seasons may have noticed some singers they already knew, including Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia, Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter, and singer-songwriter Charlotte Sometimes. This season, we’ll be seeing former Hey Monday vocalist Cassadee Pope…and maybe even an OurStage artist or two?
  • More singing from all contestants: In the past, we’ve gone too long without seeing certain contestants sing, depending on the competition schedule. This season, all current contestants will sing during live shows, so you won’t miss your favorites.
  • More Purrfect: We all know that the real breakout star of Season 2 was Purrfect, Cee-Lo’s snow-colored, sour-faced cat. She randomly showed up in his arms about halfway through the competition, and was soon immortalized on his clothing (and on Twitter). Judging from her most recent tweets, the famous feline will be back on Mr. Green’s lap for more vocal warefare this fall.

Season 3 begins with a three-night premiere starting tonight at 8PM EST. Check out a special preview of the blind auditions below!

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Sound And Vision: Fake Pop Stars — The Rise and Continued Rise of Rebecca Black

Paris Hilton.

Kim Kardashian.

Heidi Montag.

Julianne Hough.

In a world where making a record is as easy as starring on reality TV, and even easier when you have your own show, Rebecca Black was bound to happen.

Don’t worry. Black, the fourteen-year-old from Anaheim, California, who made us wonder if she was making fun of shallow pop stars or being one herself in her viral YouTube video “Friday,” hasn’t gotten her own reality show. Yet. But isn’t it only just a matter of time?

What she does have is a level of fame”or infamy, depending on how you want to look at it”without having any discernible singing talent. Before it was yanked from YouTube in June over a dispute between Black and her former record label, Ark Music Factory, her “Friday” video had logged some 161 million views. Black became an Internet favorite, with article after online article devoted to her and her music”well, her song. Some people loved her; some people hated her; everyone was talking about her. Everybody’s still talking. Katy Perry even invited Black to costar in her “T.G.I.F. (Last Friday Night)” video.

Yes, Rebecca Black is a huge hit. Ironically, though, she has yet to have one. For all of the hoopla surrounding it, “Friday” was never a commercial success as a single. It peaked at No. 58 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and didn’t fare much better anywhere it was released.

Australia, one of the few places where “Friday” made it to the Top 40, is about to launch its own fourteen-year-old star, Jack Vidgen, recent winner of Australia’s Got Talent. Sadly, it’s gonna take a miracle”or maybe a Black cameo in his video”to give Vidgen’s career any momentum in the US, which Justin Bieber aside, has been resistant to young male solo pop (i.e., white) stars since Justin Timberlake went Hollywood.


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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soundcheck: Reality TV And Hip Hop = Friends Or Foes?

Whether or not you’re a fan of reality television in general, chances are you’ve been caught in the clutches of at least one guilty pleasure.  Reality television has taken over every facet of pop culture for the past decade; and its latest conquest is hip-hop.

Slowly but surely, we are seeing more and more hip hop stars on the reality show circuit, offering fans a glimpse into their real lives.  But how real are the pictures being painted for the camera? Does Chilli really want to find a man, or is it that “What Chilli Wants” is another shot at the big time? How authentic was Fantasia Barrino’s soul-baring season of Fantasia For Real? Are Toni and her sisters really as rambunctious as they seem on Braxton Family Values, or are they just trying to make a place for themselves somewhere, anywhere on the entertainment spectrum?

Of course the exposure of a television show would be attractive to someone looking to sell records, but does the marketing plan help or hurt these artists in the long run? Let’s see how some of urban music’s finest have fared from their dips in the reality TV pond.

Keyshia Cole: She kicked off the hip-hop reality craze when her hit show, The Way It Is debuted on BET in 2006.  After three successful seasons, Keyshia and her family were as famous as the Cosby’s, ultimately prompting a spin-off for her mother and sister, Frankie & Nefe in 2009.  Three albums, a husband and a baby later, Keyshia is still riding high, with her latest singles, I Ain’t Thru and Take Me Away carving out spots on the charts.

Salt N Pepa: Salt N Pepa first hit the small screen with their reality show, The Salt-n-Pepa Show in 2007.  It was a success, and led Pep to her spin-off, Let’s Talk About Pep, which was VH1’s second highest-rated program last year.  Now, the sexy spitters have reformed and are headlining a national hip-hop tour, packing houses again like they did twenty years ago.

Kandi Buress: Atlanta’s most talented housewife, Kandi Buress has been trying to re-launch her career since she joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast in 2009.  With priceless placement and countless cameos of her in the studio, playing records and touring the country for promo events, the music has yet to make a splash.  Even with sneak peaks of  “Me and U” and “Fly Above”, the publicity push hasn’t been enough to set her career soaring.

Fantasia Barrino: The second season of Fantasia For Real was VH1’s highest-rated show of 2010.  Fans watched her stage a comeback with real-life drama that spilled over into daily headlines.  A suicide attempt in the news was followed by the suicide attempt episode of the show, which conveniently aired the week before the album dropped. For all the hard work and dedication she seemed to be doing on the show; it was awfully easy for her to skip this year’s GRAMMYs in a hissy fit.  Not the behavior we’d expect from the girl we just watched beg for her career back. Still, her song, Bittersweet from her 2010 album, Back To Me earned her this year’s GRAMMY for Best Female R&B Performance. Guess I’m still on the fence for this Idol alum.

Ray-J: In 2009, he filled in for Flava Flav as VH1’s resident Rico Suave on his hit dating show, For The Love of Ray J.  The show, which depicted Ray as the pimp of all pimps, with gorgeous women competing for his affections, probably helped him achieve the sex symbol status he needed to push records like Sexy Can I and One Wish.  I would stick him on the list of reality show winners.

Brandy: After wrapping the second season, Ray-J was joined by big sister, Brandy, for another reality show, Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business.  This show, meant to give us a true glimpse of the business just comes off as two starlets playing office and fighting with their parents”and each other. Still, it was nice to see Moesha all grown up, and her R&B resume is enough to keep her interesting, even without new music to judge. After she hung up her ball gown from Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars, she debuted her new self”BraNu, the rapper. With no singles to speak of, the jury is still out, but I’m thinking this may have been a real-life music mistake.

Jim Jones: Love & Hip Hop is definitely one of my guiltiest pleasures (I can’t get enough of Mama Jones), but I’d have to admit that Jimmy is probably the least interesting part of this ghetto-glam world it invited me into.  His “tough guy” persona comes off as an act, begging me to question the legitimacy of the street cred he seems so proud of. Still, his single, A Perfect Day is getting a lot more play than it would without the promo push, so in the end, it looks like the Dip-Set Dropout is having the last laugh.

Olivia: The other breakout from Love & Hip Hop is Olivia, former first lady of G-Unit.  Through the show, she’s managed to shed her Candyshop image and get out of 50 Cent’s shadow.  Considering I’ve been hearing her single, “My December” all over the radio, I’d say her plan is unfolding quite nicely.