Warped Tour Announces Real Friends, Motionless In White, And More

Warped Tour 2014One thing fans of Warped Tour seem to have a love/hate relationship with is the diversity of acts on the tour. In one corner, pop-punk rules; in another, metal prevails… and tucked away in another, we find ska, reggae, or even the acoustic tent. Say what you will, but the diversity does add a certain level of mystique, especially when trying to guess who the new additions will be. Fuse TV ended the suspense on last night’s episode of Warped Roadies by announcing another diverse mix that includes Real Friends, Motionless In White, The Word Alive, The Wild Life, and Courage My Love. Check out previously announced bands along with the new routing below. (more…)

Ballyhoo! Release "Walk Away" Music Video

After a busy run on the Vans Warped Tour this past summer, OurStage’s very own Ballyhoo! have released a brand new video for their song, “Walk Away.” True to their well meshed reggae stylings, and blended with a little punk and pop for good measure, Ballyhoo!’s latest song is as catchy as it is lighthearted, turning the heavy subject of breakups into a lighthearted, party filled affair. Check out the video, which aired on Fuse, below.

If you like Ballyhoo! check out Ourstage artist Deadfish.

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Watch The Full Premiere Of "Warped Roadies"

The Vans Warped Tour is the one of the longest running tours in America, not to mention probably the most challenging. For about 80 days straight, 1,000+ crew members wake up at the crack of dawn every morning and work in non-stop grueling conditions late into the evening. It takes a hell of a lot of manpower and endurance to keep the well oiled Warped machine running, but many people do not realize this. That’s why Fuse decided to document this past summer’s 2012 Warped Tour for their new show Warped Roadies, in which they follow the crew—NOT the rockstars—who work their asses off every day behind the scenes to make it all happen. They are the backbone of the whole machine, without whom none of it could be possible. Click here to watch the full series premiere before it airs this Friday, December 7 at 11/10c.

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No Doubt Pull New Video Offensive To Native Americans

This past Friday, No Doubt released a music video for their newest single “Looking Hot” off their latest album Push And Shove, but it was immediately removed after being criticized for offending the Native American community.

According to Billboard, the video features Gwen Stefani in a “Halloween-ready Native American costume, while bassist Tony Kanal is [a] tribesman who helps the singer escape from her cowboy captors, played by Adrian Young and Tom Dumont.” Due to a large negative response from YouTube users, the band decided to pull the video, releasing an apology on their website. Whether or not a remake is in store has yet to be determined.

If you like No Doubt, then you might also like OurStage’s own The Worsties.

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Congratulations To KINGNALDO, Winner Of The Ernie Ball Punk Competition!

Last month Ernie Ball sponsored our Punk Channel, offering a year’s supply of strings and accessories to one Grand Prize Winner. You, the fans, judged to help us find the best punk song by an OurStage artist to take home this amazing prize. So without further adieu, it is our pleasure to congratulate the winning musician, Kingnaldo with his song “I’m Mad As Hell”.  Hailing from Dallas, Ga., this Puerto Rican solo artist has years of experience writing and performing within various genres including punk, metal, hard, and alternative rock. He recently recorded at Lavish Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. with producer/musician Doug Grean (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow). Now Kingnaldo can rock out harder than ever and not worry about breaking a string, because OurStage and Ernie Ball got him covered. Check out his winning song “I’m Mad As Hell” below.

Riffs, Rants and Rumors: Boxing The English Beat With Dave Wakeling

The late ˜70s and early ˜80s were a boom time for bands blending New Wave’s urgency and energy with the Jamaican rhythms of ska and reggae. The biggest-selling exponents of that musical merger were The Police and Men At Work, but a whole ska-rock subculture developed in England around a handful of bands working under the Two Tone banner. Two Tone was first and foremost a label, with a roster that at one time or another included The Beat, Bad Manners, The Bodysnatchers, Madness, The Selecter, and The Specials, among others, but it also evolved into a genre tag, partly due to the label’s black-and-white logo and iconography, and partly because of the groups’ commitment to actively opposing the racism that was prevalent in England at the time, through songs, benefits, and activism. The Beat (who became known in the U.S. as The English Beat due to another band’s claim on the name) were Two Tone’s poster boys, as much for their unity-boosting lyrics as for their integrated lineup, and they eventually had the biggest impact in America of any Two Tone act. (more…)

Superlatones: Best Drinking Buddies

Lately, it seems that we are hearing more and more from new and unexpected partnerships between artists of different genres. This is why, through Superlatones, we are creating our very own directory”a musical wish-list, if you will”of artists who have yet to join the collaborative bandwagon.

It’s the middle of March and once again, St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner. Luckily for us working folk, this year the anticipated holiday falls on a Saturday, which means we are free to participate in the festivities and celebrate. So grab a buddy, pour yourself some Guinness and let this week’s dynamic duo start up your weekend with a little Irish flair.

The Dynamic Duo:
and Streetlight Manifesto






Bastard Suns Keep The Punk Alive With Ernie Ball Strings

Last month’s Ernie Ball punk champions The Bastard Suns labeled themselves the “heralds and protectors of southern punk rock.” With an attitude like that, you know they’re not messing around, and their OurStage profile serves as testament. With multiple Top 10 and Top 40 wins, national touring, their own record label and now the Ernie Ball Grand Prize under their belt, the Alpharetta, GA quintet is poised for big things. The guys recently received their Ernie Ball strings, ensuring their distinct blend of reggae, punk, folk and ska will continue for the next 365 days”and we’re pumped. Check out the band and their prize in the pics below.

GuacaMusic: Pureza Natural

What better way to enjoy the end of summer than by listening to an awesome band that gets its inspiration from the great outdoors?

Pureza Natural (which means something like natural purity) is the name of a Panamanian band that has been getting rave reviews from fans on OurStage.

Its members define their style as a fusion between typical African rhythms and classical Australian sounds. To us, this means they are masters at mixing different genres like ska, funk, reggae and others.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Pureza Natural is that there is a real philosophy behind their music. They describe their band as a living organism, a child who is willing to explore the world, who sings with joy for all the beauty in human kind.

Play Purezas’ songs on OurStage and you will understand exactly what is behind of this philosophy.  Each song aims to convey a profound ideological message. Take Verde Aqua a piece that mixes jazz and reggea, and talks about love and nature. We also love Ya Pocos Quedan, a fun piece that blends catchy rhythms with elaborated thoughts about the world.

Here on OurStage, fans seem to really dig Purezas’ music. Verde Aqua has been in the Top 10 and Top 40 charts, and has gotten very positive comments from both artists and fans.

If you are into fun music and deep thoughts, we are sure you’ll enjoy Pureza. ¡Provecho!


GuacaMusic: Caracas Sunset

How would you describe the sunset? Is it a mix of sun and clouds? Is it a blend of colors? What if we told you that the best sunset in the world is the one that combines jazz, blues, funk, ska, rock, bossa nova and even some reggae?

Don’t believe us? Well, we are talking about Caracas Sunset, a band from Venezuela that has been getting rave reviews from Latin lovers on OurStage.

To quickly brief you on the band’s history, we will tell you that Caracas Sunset was born in 2006, when a group of friends decided to pursue their musical career dreams. A few years later, they recorded their first single and began a promotional tour in Caracas, where they scored some awesome opportunities. They had the chance to perform at the Circuito Unión Rock Show in 2009, a well-known music festival in Venezuela, and also got to share the stage with famous local bands like Desorden Publico, Los Mentas, Subsonus, Entrenos, Sonica, Los Mesoneros, AK 47, Charlie Papa, Andreazulado, La Pipa Freak, Skin, La Vida Boheme, Dame Pa’ Matala, Baroni One Time, De Khalafary’s, Bituaya and Caramelos de Cianuro among others.

In 2011, Caracas Sunset released another promotional single called  Oye Chico, and is currently working on producing a video clip for this song.

Awesome, right?

We think so too. If you love variety in music and a touch of Latin soul, then we are sure you will dig Caracas Sunset. Here on OurStage, you can play their song Oye Chico and familiarize yourself with their unique style. You’ll experience how a mixture of reggae and bossa nova can put anyone in the mood to party from dawn to dusk. Now there is a sunset we know and love. ¡Provecho!