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Wale Releases "Clappers" Music Video

Miley Cyrus may be busy distracting the world with the notion that twerking is the next big thing, but in other areas of hip-hop, the true genre trendsetters are continuing to deliver club-ready dance tracks that are heavy on the bass and light on gimmicks.

“Clappers” is the latest single to surface from DC native Wale. The song and video are focused on celebrating the beauty of girls who aren’t afraid to go wild on the dance floor. Nicki Minaj and Taylor Gang member Juicy J add verses to support this theme, and the results are one of the most exciting ‘club tracks’ to hit the urban scene in weeks.

Performance videos tend to vary very little in the grand scheme of things, and unfortunately “Clappers” is no different. While the song is fun and perhaps there is no visual concept that could improve upon the song’s basic subject matter, it is still an idea that’s been done before. Many, many times before.

Wale’s new album, The Gifted, is available now. (more…)

Wale Streams 'The Gifted'

Maybach Music Group member Wale is celebrating the release of his new album by sharing a free stream with fans around the world.

Hitting iTunes in time for the album premiere, The Gifted can now be streamed in full on Apple’s music service. The album is the follow-up to Wale’s highly successful label debut Ambition, and having heard it ourself we can tell you firsthand it’s a great listening experience. Whether you’re a longtime listener or casually clicking through, visit iTunes and stream The Gifted today.

Wale Releases "The Show" Music Video; Announce New Album 'The Gifted'

Maybach Music Group member Wale has released the third video for material off his highly-praised Folarin’ mixtape from December 2012.

Featuring Rick Ross and Aaron Wess, “The Show” is one of the more relaxed tracks off Folarin. The video, which was directed by DRE films, features a combination of performance footage and scenes from a carnival involving the vocalists and beautiful women. You can view the visuals below.

Wale went public yesterday with the news that he will be releasing anew album entitled The Gifted on June 25. Click here to view a trailer for the album.

Wale Releases "Street Runner" Music Video

Maybach Music Group member Wale is back in the OurStage headlines today following the release of the video for his latest single, “Street Runner.”

Taken from his December 2012 mixtape release, Folarin, “Street Runner” is a Beat Billionaire-produced track that pairs perfectly with the extravagant lifestyle detailed in the music of Maybach Music Group. The visuals feature Wale and a few pretty faces enjoying the night life, which isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Click “play” below to enjoy the video for “Street Runner.” (more…)

Pusha-T Releases New Mixtape

With an album on the way for release later this year, Pusha-T has given us all something to hold us over until then. He has released an 11-track mixtape titled Wrath of Caine, which features contributions and support by Rick Ross, Wale, and French Montana. The mixtape also features production from Young Chop, The Neptunes, and Kanye West. Check out the entire mixtape here!




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Wale Announces 'Folarin' Tour

Maybach Music Group member Wale has announced plans to embark on ‘The Folarin Tour’ later this month.

Serving as his first tour efforts of 2013, ‘Folarin’ will take Wale to four major markets over the course of a single week later this month. You can view a promotional poster featuring the full list of dates, venues and cities below.

No money for tickets? Be sure to play #FreeTicketFriday each and every week on with OurStage on Twitter.

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Wale Announces Mixtape; Releases New Single

Hard to believe it has been over a year since Maybach Music Group member Wale released his Sophomore album, Ambition, but Wale is making sure no one forgets his name with newly announced plans to release a mixtape entitled Folarin on Christmas Eve (December 24). This will be the first official release from the DC rapper since his contributions to MMG’s Self Made Vol 2 earlier this year, and empire Rick Ross built is wasting no time getting promotion rolling with the release of record’s first single, “Freedom Of Speech.” You can stream the song below. If you want a copy for the road, click here to download the mp3.

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Electronic dance music and hip-hop have been the two musical forces occupying the headspace of American listeners in recent months. Both genres have been the soundtrack to many a summer shindig, there’s a great deal of crossover between the two respective fandoms for the musical styles, and both cultures surrounding the respective genres share similar interests”like women and drugs and partying”so it would make sense that the two forms would eventually come together.

Hip-hop and electronic music have had a tangled history in the U.K. And we’re going to have to turn our sights back onto dubstep, this obscure little genre that you’re probably not familiar with. Grime”the precursor to U.K. dubstep and, by extension, the precursor to U.S. dubstep”is a style of music born into the disadvantaged parts of London. As we’ve mentioned in our discussions of the origins of dubstep before, the genre takes rhythmic elements from rap and dub music and marries them to intense sub bass and slow bpms. From there the minimalist, nuanced genre was pumped full of steroids and shipped off to the U.S., where it has been soundtracking college parties and sporting events ever since.


Search For The Coldest Semi Finalists Hit The Stage With Ice Cube In Baltimore

The Coors Light® “Search For The Coldest” Competition is entering the home stretch. Months of fierce competition have narrowed down the pack to 16 of the nation’s coldest semi-finalists who are ready to battle it out for the Grand Prize. Recently, Baltimore semi-finalists Harmony Muzik and KOVE took their game onstage alongside Ice Cube and special guest Wale to prove they’ve got the stuff to be crowned coldest. Check out the recap video of their performance below, and stay tuned for more vids fresh from Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.

Search For The Coldest Semi-Finalists Announced – Vote Now For Your Favorite And Win Killer Prizes

The Coors Light® Search For the Coldest Competition is about to kick things up a notch. Are you ready? The many have been whittled down to the few”it’s time to meet the round four Semi-Finalists.

The following eight Semi-Finalists from the New Orleans, New York, National Video, and National Wildcard channels will continue to battle it out for your votes online at until July 10.

New Orleans

Boy Sykes