Kewin Cosmos Is The Newest Tr3s "El Headliner"

kewin cosmosWe had a great 2013 partnering with Tr3s Networks to discover and expose the latest in emerging Latin music. Let’s look back one last time to announce the winner of the Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition, Kewin Cosmos.

With a diverse set of influences that include Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra, Ricardo Arjona, Sin Bandera, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Brian McKnight, and Celia Cruz, it’s no wonder that the judges, including special guest judge Toby Love, found Cosmos’ smooth blend of Latin elements into pop music so compelling. Though the field of the El Headliner channel was competitive, his song “Imaginate” stood out for it’s balanced approach to modern Latin pop, not to mention Cosmos’ natural talent as a singer.

Cosmos will get spotlight artist features on Tr3s’ show Top 20, as well as’s Music My GüeyDescubre & Download, and Blogamole. Stay tuned for the next edition of El Headliner, coming soon.

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Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind On Kimmel Tuesday Night

xolieWe are thrilled to say that Xolie Morra & the Strange Kind will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 7th. The band won this opportunity in our JKL competition last year. They taped their performance in 2013, and it is finally set to air.

We’ll have the performance and some behind-the-scenes footage for you soon. In the meantime, check out this video of Xolie and co. learning of their win.

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2013 Intel Superstars Winner!

24243_OurStage_120x120_0002_WinnerThe 2013 Intel Superstars competition has concluded. After listening to and carefully evaluating the final Top 20, Intel and their panel of judges have selected as the grand prize winner Sara Lindsay, whose song, Make It All Right, was a clear favorite. The combination of her strong voice with the song’s unique and compelling melody and pristine production put Sara over the top of some really tough competition. Sara will take home $10,000, courtesy of Intel!

In fact, some of Sara’s competition was so good that we’d like to highlight some of our personal faves here, as well. Enjoy.

Annalise Emerick, This Love Won’t Break Your Heart
This was a standout hit here at OurStage HQ, both for the beauty of its melody and harmony, the simplicity of the production, and the timely New Year’s Eve lyrical sentiment.


Congratulations To Hightowers, The Latest 'El Headliner' Winner!

Congratulations to our latest El Headliner winner, Hightowers. Consisting of members D.J. Flip & P-Haze, otherwise known as Jose M. Martinez (D.J. Flip) and Luis Eduardo Sime (P-Haze), Hightowers are an international reggaeton duo who have already made a big impact on the music world, including our Tr3s Latin Music Channel. They’re destined for great things, and their grand prize “ spotlight features on Tr3s Network’s Top 20, Music My GüeyDescubre y Download, and Blogamolewill certainly help them inch closer to their dreams. We’re excited to be assisting Hightowers on their journey, and look forward to seeing what they accomplish next.

You can enjoy the winning song, “Quiero Que Sepas Hightowers,” below. (more…)

OurStage Artists Xolie Morra And The Strange Kind Win Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It’s no secret that we here at OurStage are longtime fans of Xolie Morra and her band The Strange Kind. We’ve been following her career and her growth as an artist ever since she used OurStage to win the opportunity to play Lilith back in 2010. In the years in between, she’s been all over OurStage, winning many channel and finals competitions, and consistently bringing engaging and boundary-pushing new material to the table.

That’s why we were so excited when the good folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! came to us with Xolie and the band as their pick as the winner of “The OurStage Panel: Jimmy Kimmel Live!” competition. As winners, they will appear as the musical guest on an upcoming episode of the hugely popular late night talk show. This hardworking band truly deserves this opportunity and we have no doubt they will shine. Here’s what happened when they got the news – be sure to stay tuned til the end for Grandma Johnson, the world’s oldest Jimmy fan:

We will announce the air date for Xolie Morra and the Strange Kind’s appearance as soon as we have it!

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Congratulations To Mateo, The Latest 'El Headliner' Winner!

Congratulations to our latest El Headliner winner, Mateo. Bringing his music all the way from Ecuador, Mateo has made a significant impact on Latin markets across the U.S., including our own Tr3s Latin Music Channel. With new tracks in the works, Mateo’s grand prize of spotlight features on Tr3s Network’s Top 20, Music My GüeyDescubre y Download, and Blogamole, couldn’t come at a better time. We know Mateo is destined for great things, and could not be more excited to be a part of his journey to the top.

You can check out  the winning song, “Ultima Llamada” below. (more…)

Congratulations Jes Hudak, Winner Of The Ernie Ball Indie Pop Competition!

You spoke, we listened, and now the results are in. The winner of the Ernie Ball Indie Pop competition, and a year’s supply of strings and accessories from Ernie Ball is Jes Hudak.

Buoyed by her success on Bravo’s Platinum Hit, and gaining a faithful following in the land down under, Hudak has amassed a fan base that extends much further than Australia. How did she do it? The answer is apparent in her winning song, “All Mine,” which received massive praise in the Indie Pop Channel last month.

But this victory should come as no surprise to longtime fans of Hudak’s talent, not to mention regular Plugged In readers. After all, it wasn’t that long ago we featured her as our Pro Artist of the Week.

You can check out  “All Mine” below.

Congratulations To Underground All Stars, Winners Of The Ernie Ball Modern Rock Competition

Last month Ernie Ball sponsored our Modern Rock channel, offering a year’s supply of strings and accessories to one Grand Prize Winner. You put your ears to the test and cast your votes, helping us find one of the best modern rock songs, and making one lucky winner very happy.

That lucky winner is Underground All Stars with their song Never Gonna Give You Up.

Hailing from Milltown, NJ, Underground All Stars are comprised of vocalist Andy Waldeck, bassist Crix Reardon, drummer Chris Cujo O’Hara and guitarists Jimmy Farrell and Mike Maino. With their debut release behind them and a newly-won year’s supply of strings and accessories, you can expect to hear a lot more of Underground All Stars in the future.

Listen to the band’s winning song right here.


Amy Stroup Wins Ernie Ball Singer-Songwriter Competition

Amy Stroup, a longtime OurStage favorite, with seventeen different chart placements in the Top 40 or better, has been selected as the winner of our Ernie Ball Female Singer-Songwriter competition. With its compelling combination of mellow electric piano, drum loops, and rich, sweet vocals, her song Chin Up impressed the judges, who had a tough choice with some serious talent to choose from. Stroup’s prize is a year’s supply of strings and accessories from Ernie Ball “ that should come in handy for this gifted multi-instrumentalist, whose songs have been heard in such high-profile spots as Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, and more. Read our recent piece on her here, and hear more Amy Stroup on OurStage. Check out her winning song below.


Congratulations To "Rock Yourself To Sleep" Winners The Origin Animate and All As One!

It’s time to announce the next winners of our “Rock Yourself To Sleep” Competition!

Hailing from Akron, OH, our East winners are The Origin Animate. Their debut record Wonder & Wither was mastered by Kris Crummett of Interlace Audio who also happened to work with this tour’s headlining bands Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like birds. Needless to say, they are a perfect fit for this tour as they take the stage for all of the Eastern dates.

Our South winners are All As One from  Kingsport, TN. After only being a band for a year, these guys have already come a long way. Since their first show at the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, they’ve gone on to perform among some of the scene’s biggest acts including A Skylit Drive, Transit, Iwrestledabearonce, and more. They will be taking their big and brutal sound with them on all of the Southern dates of this tour.

So congratulations to both of these talented bands for making it onto the the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour, opening for Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, I The Mighty, Hail The Sun, and The Orphan, The Poet. Check out their winning tracks below!