Other Lives

Probably not in Southern California: Other Lives

TBD Records is responsible for unleashing a hefty dose of melancholia into the American airwaves of late”first with the US release of Radiohead’s In Rainbows and now with Other Lives‘ glimmering self-titled debut. Hailing from Stillwater, OK, the five-piece band cites lofty influences such as Jóhann Jóhannsson and Arvo Pí¤rt, but you’re more likely to hear Beatles and Rufus Wainwright in the execution, which is a sweeter deal in the end.

Oscillating between saturnine piano rock and lilting, starry-eyed chamber pop, Other Lives willingly leads you through various mood shifts. Piano, cello and violin add orchestral nuances to the theatrical AM Theme, while singer Jesse Tabish lets his inner Hamlet come through in the world-weary waltz of E Minor. It’s an excellent little tune you’ll be happy to drift along with. But it’s their track Black Tables that will get the indie pundits buzzing. An iterating piano and yawning strings create an elegiac backdrop to Tabish’s quiet refrain: With your body in mine restored / It’s good to see you once more. Black Tables may remind you of the long, slow march to the soaring climax of Death Cab’s Transatlanticism or Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. The melody takes its time to unfold, but its epic break is worth the wait.

Other Lives also received a free logo design from our partner Alphabet Arm a while back. Cool!