Congratulations to prattle on, rick from OurStage and Ernie Ball!

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This month the good folks at Ernie Ball kept their ears glued to the Folk Channel to award one lucky winner with an entire years worth of strings and accessories. It’s pretty much anything an up-and-coming artist could ask for, right? So as May rolls in, we have another winner to announce!

With catchy hooks and roomy choruses, it’s clear why prattle on, rick caught the attention of the crew over at Ernie Ball. Patrick Rickelton, the sole permanent member, is a veteran of  Nashville-based bands Noble Three and Greenland, and even appeared with Greenland on ABC’s Good Morning America back in 2006.  But not until recently has he found his true place in the booming Nashville scene with prattle on,  rick .  His latest album, Communion Bread, is one that has landed him a number of steady gigs in Nashville and an appearance at the Firefly Festival in Dickson, Tennessee.  Though Mr. Rickelton may be the only set member, we’re sure he will find plenty of ways to use his newly acquired plethora of strings and accessories!

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