Press Shuffle: Riff Rampage

The riff. All of the greatest rock songs are fueled by great riffs. Riffs are the columns that hold up the world of rock and roll, so it’s only apt that we dedicate a day just to them. Whether they are technically difficult arpeggios or just straight up chugs doesn’t matter: all that matters is that they’re memorable. Ahead is a list of some of the greatest riffs in OurStage taken from the Hard Rock, Modern Rock, and Metal Channels.

Fondo” – Grannada: These rockers from Panama have a riffer-madness style mixed with hard hitting ’90s rock. Huge riff to a great song.

1,2,3… Ralph Macheo” – His Name Was Iron: Chaotic and intense, this is the perfect example of calculated madness. This riff is as heavy as they come, and will get your head bobbing in no time.

Breathe Again” – Taperedmind: With a groovy riff, pounding rhythm section and catchy chorus, Taperedmind create radio-friendly tunes with an edge.

Justice” – Danforth: Is there a better description than “Enormous slamming riffs followed by ravaging beat down slams?” We know what these Frenchmen bring to the party, and we can’t wait for more.

Madhater’s Tea” – Spiralpl: This alternative band from Poland have a remarkable résumé in their home country thanks to airplay on multiple mainstream radio stations and perfromance slots at the country’s biggest festivals. The contrast between the high female vocals and the driving riff make this song stand out in its category.

Thirty Years At Sea” – Hearts Alive: Turn to this Swedish metal outfit Hearts Alive for clenched-fist fury and crushing chug riffs. You will not be disappointed.

Devil In Her Eyes” – The Malibu Knights: Bearing the banner of modern rock, The Malibu Knights have opened for multiple acts (including Bon Jovi) and have played hundreds of shows in support of their album. Not surprising: their feelgood lyrics and driving riffs are as catchy as they come. You have to check it out!

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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