The Co-op Playlist

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Everyone knows that the stars of OurStage are the artists. We would be nothing without them! However, there are plenty of unsung heroes working behind the scenes to make sure the wheels keep turning and everything is running smoothly. We are the OurStage Community Team; Co-Op students who work tirelessly answering emails, writing blogs and reviewing the songs entered into competitions. We’ve been working here for the past six months, but now it’s time to move on to new frontiers. Still, the experience we’ve had here has been amazing, and our parting gift to you is a playlist of some great OurStage music that has either flown under the radar, or is just so great that it merits a second listen. So kick back, put on your headphones and check out some of the best we think OurStage has to offer. You can listen to the full playlist right here!

The Well Reds

Cara: I spent the past six months writing Live Wired, and when I wasn’t spending the majority of my free time at venues around Boston, I discovered tons of great music while working at OurStage! My picks for the playlist include finalists The Well Reds from The OurStage Panel, who I was lucky enough to see perform, and tunes from Marie Hines, Talain Rayne and Cooper Brown”these are sure to make you smile. Enjoy!

Bronze Radio Return

Kevin: If you’ve been following my blog Vs., then you’ve probably already discovered a ton of great new music on OurStage. But I thought I should highlight some other great songs from the OurStage vault that we didn’t have time to cover in the blog. First up is a good, old-fashioned rock song with some blues influence from Hartford natives Bronze Radio Return. Next up is a smooth and synth filled hip hop song from Klasik. Up third is an indie pop gem from Tulsa’s Admiral Twin. And last, but not least, is a lo-fi indie rock jam from Boston’s very own Twin Berlin.

Bobot Adrenaline

Felipe: In my time with Press Shuffle, I dug around and uncovered songs from all genres and styles. I was fortunate enough to be able to feature many of my favorite artists, but I’ll never pass up the opportunity to expose those who deserve it! In the spirit of Press Shuffle (and my personal tastes, of course), I’ve collected four very different songs from four very different artists. Enjoy the unapologetic energy of Bobot Adrenaline, the folksy acoustic beauty of Glen Eden Quay, the Latino swag of Carlo Secreto and the upright brutality of Deprecated in under a dozen minutes!

Ryan Innes

Meg: As the the writer behind Vocal Points, I’ve stumbled across so many talented artists while working on my column including many artists that I didn’t get an opportunity to share. Luckily, this is my chance to introduce you to some of my favorites! My first selection is an upbeat song by Alabama singer-songwriter Nick Gill followed by Natalie Major who displays her incredibly evocative vocals in a lovely acoustic-pop melody. And how could I leave out husband-wife duo McClain‘s breathtakingly sweet folk song. Finally, Ryan Innes brings up the rear with his stunningly-sung, piano-driven tune.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the playlist now! We hope you like out picks as much as we do.