Metal Monday: Summer Video Roundup

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We all know that video killed the radio star (or something like that), but what killed the video star? Live streaming? Or did radio get revenge? Whatever the case, music videos just don’t seem to be as big of a deal as they once were. No longer do fans turn on MTV or VH1 to watch a few hours worth of music videos and related video countdowns in prime time slots. Fortunately for us music video lovers, this hasn’t stopped artists from still making music videos (and really good ones at that). It’s been a pretty good summer for metal videos, so I’m going to share with you some of my favorites.
First up is the lead single from Periphery‘s latest album, Periphery II. It’s a great song and even better video.
Next is the somewhat-tough-to-follow but visually stunning video for Converge‘s “Aimless Arrow,” which appears to be the lead single for their upcoming album All We Love We Leave Behind.
If you already know who High on Fire are, it shouldn’t really be a surprise to know that they put out the most stonerific video to hit metal since Sleep‘s Dopesmoker (another Matt Pike creation). High on Fire’s video for “Fertile Green” is exactly that.
Changing pace, here’s “If He Dies, He Dies” by Glass Clouda dark, morbid, and jarring tale spliced together with some cool footage of the band playing in a barn (somewhat typical, but well done).
Now, not everyone likes to be bummed out after watching a music video, so let’s liven things up with “FEBN” by Trash Talk. Simple video, lots of shenanigans, and the fine gentlemen from Odd Future.
And last, but certainly not least, is “No One Survives” by Nekrogoblikon. While the other videos in this post are all great, this one certainly takes the cake. I won’t spoil the fun with a detailed description. Just watch for yourself.
Was that the collection of the best metal videos from this past summer? Did I make any obvious omissions? If you didn’t like any of these videos, then make sure you complain about my taste  in the comments!