You’re A Monster, Annabel

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The House of Jed, aka Jarrod Gollihare (formerly of Admiral Twin), has been supplying us with a steady drip of concise pop gems for a few years, all written, performed, and recorded by the singer and multi-instrumentalist in the comfort of his home studio (click here to read more about his creative process). These songs are usually quick and unsettling vignettes about strange characters against the backdrop of otherwise ordinary life.

Witness Annabel, a monster, and antagonist of “You’re A Monster, Annabel.” To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what emotional horrors are perpetrated upon our narrator, but clearly he just wants to talk to Annabel, and she is not really there. As the song comes to a close, our hero, abandoned by the music, seems to meet an abrupt end, in one way or another. Check it out:

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