Lady Lamb: New Album, Single, Video, Tour!

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It’s the whole shebang from Lady Lamb (aka Aly Spaltro), as she launches a new album, replete with a single and video, as well as a slew of tour dates. From the LP Even In The Tremor, out April 5th on Ba Da Bing Records, comes the title track and accompanying video, which you can see below. She’ll hit the road right after the album drops, first with Renata Zeiguer and then with Katie Von Schleicher (tour dates also below). The new single is extremely tight, with a mix of programmed and organic drums, chopped up grooves (each verse has its own feel) and sampled vocals. It’s challenging music, but Spaltro wraps it in her rich voice and inviting melodies, making it a joy to listen to. We’ve gone parenthetically crazy (so we’ll just stop (here) and let you listen).

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