Needle In The Haystack: Sylvana Joyce And The Moment

It’s easy to become lost in a sea of poptarts and singer-songwriters, so we’re stoked this week’s Needle In The Haystack Sylvana Joyce and the Moment gives us a jolt of originality, if not weirdness, with their eclectic gypsy rock/blues combo of music making. Citing The Doors, Pink Floyd and “various gypsy music” as inspiration, these five classically trained musicians weave their backgrounds of jazz and opera with their own special blend of voodoo that will have you circling the wagons and breaking out the head scarves and absinthe.

Dive deeper into Sylvana Joyce and the Moment in the video below, and stay tuned for more all this week!

For fans of: Dresden Dolls, Gogol Bordello

Artist Takeover: Needle In The Haystack Rie Sinclair

It comes as no surprise that this week’s Needle In The Haystack artist Rie Sinclair chose to write about one of her greatest inspirations, art. When listening to Rie’s music its easy to imagine paint being dripped on a raw canvas or a photographer’s bulb flashing violently at its subject. Time and again artists draw inspiration from other artists, musicians from other musicians, and when the two meet in the middle, as they so often do, it truly is magical.

“I was in NYC last year (for the first time) and was introduced to Chelsea Art Galleries, which I then proceeded to visit almost every day [of] my entire trip.  I am wildly inspired by art; I’ve visited galleries all over the world and through out America.  I’ve even seen the same pieces in different locations at different times.  There is magic in art.

The Warhol exhibit in San Francisco’s de Young was probably one of my personal favorites last year, but in more formative years I was really into The Velvet Underground.  Now that I think about it, in the last year I’ve also been to the Tate,  Manchester Art Gallery, several downtown LA artworks, The Guggenheim in Venice, IT and various other smaller galleries in Europe or the states.

I used to hang out at the Loring Bar in Minneapolis, walk across the Irene Hixton Whitney Bridge to the Walker Art Center/ Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens and etched into the top of the bridge was a poem by John Ashbery that started, “And now I cannot remember how it was¦”

Whenever I’ve been stuck musically, or down, I go see art.  I hunt it down.  I’ll let myself become influenced by the surroundings, making up stories out of the moment that’s been captured, or created.  I really enjoy the brightly lit white-washed walls and hum of silence.  It’s unobtrusive and peaceful.   I feel like I’m in a movie, lost in a moment; a very happy experience.”

-Rie Sinclair

FREE DOWNLOAD: Needle In The Haystack Rie Sinclair

This week’s Needle In The Haystack free download from Rie Sinclair is the stuff soundtracks are made of. After all, Rie is no stranger to making on-screen magic, writing songs for shows like Vampire Diaries and Californication and even scoring an Emmy nom. “The Way It Ends” is the exact song you’d picture at the pivotal turning point, you can easily imagine a zoomed-in shot of the hero making the decision to do something daring. Somehow Rie’s delicate, coquettish vocals match perfectly with powerful crunchy guitars and defining drums, elating the listener, leaving them reminiscing about the last scene, all while indeed wondering how it ends.

Check out Rie’s song “(Lover) What’s Going On” used in the CW’s Vampire Diaries promo, and download “The Way It Ends” below.

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Last month we started giving away music on the OurStage Facebook page. Not just any music. We gave away some of the best tracks from the brightest talent OurStage has to offer. Everyone loved it so much that we’re going to be doing it every month as a special gift to you, the peeps who love OurStage the most. Every month check out OurStage on Facebook, “like” us if you don’t already, and download songs hand-picked by OurStage editors. You can preview each song, check out the artist’s OurStage profile, download just the ones your feeling that day or download them all at once.

Head over to the OurStage Facebook page now to download tracks from the following editor-picked artists:

The Well Reds “6 More Months” – This is the winning track in New Music Seminar’s “Live At The Roxy Competition”, which the Atlanta based rockers placed 1st in.

Tierra Heart “Good Nite” – Soul singer Tierra has been the topic of many convos here in the OurStage office, and lots of companies are looking to license her tracks for commercial use.

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Sara Lindsay “Best Of Me” – Sara was the winner of the “Intel Superstars Search” and performed “Best Of Me” at the CES Conference in Las Vegas.

Eddie Bush “Calloused Hands” – Another track that hasn’t been officially released yet, Eddie won the “New Country Artist Search” with this song.

Jacob Heal “I’ll Leave The Lights On For You When You Leave” – Modern rock artist Jacob scored a year’s supply of strings and accessories from Ernie Ball in December.

The Story of Sound “The Razing” – The Story of Sound pops up in the OurStage rock and pop charts, like, every month.

My First Tooth “Orchards” – The editorial staff has been hooked on My First Tooth ever since they were featured as  Needle In The Haystack.

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Needle In The Haystack: Rie Sinclair

One would think with her porcelain skin and ethereal voice that this week’s Needle In The Haystack Rie Sinclair just floated onto the scene as if it were divine intervention. Quite the contrary, Rie has been making waves in the industry better equated to a tropical storm than a wading pool, writing music for ABC/Disney and shows like Californication, Ghost Whisperer, Vampire Diaries and working with veterans like ex-Eels bassist/Abandoned Pools frontman Tommy Walter. She even has her own Emmy nomination and (arguably more impressive) iPhone app to boot. Learn more about Rie in the video below, and check back for more from her throughout the week, like free downloads, interviews and videos.

For fans of: Portishead, Tori Amos, Bat For Lashes

Artist Takeover: Needle In The Haystack My First Tooth

My First Tooth, this week’s Needle In The Haystack pick, cuts to the chase in their Artist Takeover post. Hitting us straight with who they are, what they like and what they dislike (don’t try to lie to them). Rather than try drag down their direct approach to introducing themselves to the OurStage community, we’ll just let them just speak for themselves. Gotta love that dry, English wit.

“Hello, we’re a band called My First Tooth who hail from Northampton, UK.  This band can be further broken down into four sub-units of Ross, Sophie, Jo and Gareth. We are two and a half smokers, one vegetarian, two curly, one ginger (but you wouldn’t know it), three lots of glasses, two cyclists, one non swimmer, four friends, three singles and three drivers.  Our favorite food is burrito.  Our favorite drink is booze.  If we could have a second hometown, it would be Oxford or somewhere else, and we really don’t like traffic.

Recently we recorded our debut album, Territories, with a fantastic and handsome Irish man called Paul Pilot.  He helped us to make a record that we’re incredibly proud of, thirteen musical nuggets that we consistently take on tour and play to people, whether they like it or not.

Here’s some advice: beware of the double excuse.  If someone gives you two excuses for something, they are lying.  If they’re ill, and their car has broken down they’re DEFINITELY lying.  If they were too ill to come, they wouldn’t have got to their car, and if their car had broken down they wouldn’t need the illness excuse!

Over the past few days we have been listening to: The Decemberists, Grouplove, Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananaykroyd and Anais Mitchell.  Three bands who have influenced our music greatly are: Neutral Milk Hotel, Okkervil River and Bruce Springsteen.  Our main ambition is to star in a live action / animated feature length motion picture, in the vein of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Also, Ross wouldn’t mind marrying Rachel McAdams, if that’s not too much to ask.”

-My First Tooth