Larry g(EE) Scores Publishing Deal

OS & LarryLarry g(EE), who earned the opportunity on OurStage to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in 2012, has signed a publishing deal with the well-respected and fast-growing Primary Wave.

Primary Wave will help Larry (last name Gayao) and his band to promote their music, particularly via licensing opportunities.

He told Dallas Morning News, The exposure that I think [Primary Wave] will bring not just to myself as an artist, but to the music is going to be incredible and help me take steps to releasing this new material.

To that end, Gayao also announced a new album due in 2015. Join him behind the scenes at Kimmel and listen to his breakout single “Yo Mama” below.

SXSW Announces Chance The Rapper, Future, Kurt Vile & More

sxsw_2012-300x118SXSW has announced a new batch of performers, including Chance The Rapper, Future, and Kurt Vile. The acts join the likes of Dave Hause and MC Lars, along with OurStage artists Larry g(EE) and Bronze Radio Return. If the current lineup isn’t enticing enough, it seems the festival has plans to announce a few more additions (perhaps more heavyweights?) closer to the festival’s launch.

You can check out a day-by-day schedule of the 2,000 + acts that will perform between March 11-17th right here and check out the latest additions to the lineup below.


SXSW Announces Next Batch Of Artists

sxsw_2012-300x118Now that we’ve officially broken into the new year, SXSW is just around the corner. With the recent announcement of a whole new batch of bands that includes emerging acts like The Front Bottoms and OurStage artists Larry g(EE) and Bronze Radio Return, we can safely say this yet another stellar lineup worth seeing – or at least trying to see, amidst the SXSW chaos. Check out all the new additions below, and find your new favorite artist at SXSW from March 7-16 in Austin, TX. (more…)

Larry g(EE) Records Daytrotter Session

OS Member Larry g(EE) has become the latest rising talent to be featured on the popular Daytrotter webseries.

Popping up online a few weeks after Larry and his band made a trek to the company’s HQ, Daytrotter’s latest session with our favorite Texas native offers fans four stripped-down performances. Included in the mix of songs are singles “Yo Mama” and “I’m Your Fool,” as well as rare gems “I Don’t Know” and “I Think I Love You.” Membership is required for downloads, but those who signup today should be able to experience Larry’s sound for free.

Discussing recording with Larry, a team member at Daytrotter wrote, “For the record, Larry g(EE) and his band were sweating their FACES off during the taping of this session a few weeks ago. It gets HOT up in the Horseshack during the summer months. Larry g(EE)’s music is meant for heat and humidity. It’s meant for getting sexy. You cannot fight the urge to want to get hot and sweaty with all of these Texans. Let’s all take our shirts off, right now!”

JKL Files: Go Backstage At 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' With Three OurStage Artists

In the past six months, OurStage, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the OurStage community of fans have given three talented, unsigned artists the incredible, career-changing chance to show what they’ve got by featuring them as the musical guest on Kimmel’s hit late-night show. Now go backstage with the artists in these exclusive clips, as they tell their stories and prepare for their moment in the national television spotlight.

Larry g(EE)

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

Eclectic Approach

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Moves To New Time Slot

Late night fans, it’s time to adjust your alarms! One year shy of its 10th anniversary on the air, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! will be moving to a new 11:35pm time slot beginning next week.

For artists who want to do more than just watch at home, you can take advantage of our latest competition, which places one artist per month on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform in front of millions. Another chance to compete will be coming up in just a few short weeks, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

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OurStage Larry g(EE) Performs "Yo Mama" On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night was a big night for Texas native Larry g(EE). Following his recent victory in our JKL Competition, Larry and his band traveled to California over the weekend, and made their national television debut last night. We could not be more honored or excited to have helped Larry take his career to the next level, and we’re anxious to see where he goes next. For now, however, you can join us in watching BOTH of his Jimmy Kimmel Live! performances. Click here to view “Yo Mama” and click here to enjoy “Camera Phone.”

Larry g(EE) has big plans for the new year. Be assured that we’ll be there to follow his journey. Stay tuned.

Our Final Warped Tour Recap (Part 2)

Guest contributor Larry g(EE), winner of the OurStage @Warped national competition, gives us the final word on some of his Warped Tour highlights.

Hello everyone!

Larry g(EE) here, back again for one last recap of my experience on the Vans Warped Tour with OurStage. It hasn’t even been a full week since I got back from Warped, and I’m still feeling the aftermath (but I probably just miss it). I keep thinking James (our Warped tour manager) is going to wake me up at 7 am and tell me it’s time to get moving. Ahh, life on the road…on a bus! I loved it and have no complaints! I’ve told my friends back home that this was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever been a part of, both professionally and personally. I learned a lot from it, and I think that is the most important thing I’m going to take away from this amazing experience. Here are my Top 5 Moments on the Vans Warped Tour with OurStage.

1)  AUBURN HILLS – I’ll never forget walking out of our bus into an empty parking lot at the Palace of Auburn Hills at 8 am to see it transformed into pure mayhem in the space of three hours. I had to pinch myself just looking out at the massive sea of people around all the different stages. It was almost like culture shock for me as I realized that this was going to be my life for the next 22 days. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we were here, and as soon as we hit the stage, we knew there was no looking back. We didn’t sell a single thing that day, but one thing is for sure – on a tour like this, there is no room for second guessing. You just have to dive in and go for it. Like James said, we eventually hit our stride, but day one will go down as one of the biggest moments for me.


OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 3

Hello OurStage!

This is Tour Manager James checking in from the Orlando, FL date of Van’s Warped Tour 2012. For the last month, I have been riding aboard the tour bus with Larry G(ee) and his band, as well as a few stage hands, and thought it might be a nice change of pace to shed some light on my day-to-day life here on the world’s largest traveling music festival.

Every morning, I rise around 7:00am and check with our driver (Jens) to learn about our arrival  time and whatever information he is able to offer about the venue. We arrive and I wake up Larry so he and I can begin promoting the day’s performance. We stroll the venue, setup merch, locate stages, promote on social networks, drink coffee, and sweat the equivalent of roughly two gallons of water before getting the day’s set times at 10am. Once that happens, the grounds become a rampage of managers and promo kids doing their best to get the word out about their act’s time. It’s hectic, it’s crazy, it’s Warped before gates.

Once the gates open, the real day can finally begin. The band and I regroup from our morning promotion then set off to promote within the gates until (and usually after) the performance. When Larry has somewhere to be, something gig-related to do, or when the band is in need, I’m there. When they perform, I’m there both as manager and photographer. On the rare occasion the day allows for me to have some time to explore the grounds, I do my best to catch as many sets as possible (most of which I’ve shared on the OS Warped Tumblr) and, if at all possible, shower.

Evening brings a cooler temperature, but our efforts never end before dark. I assist Larry and his band as needed, begin packing up our belongings, and do my best to catch a glimpse of the sunset before diving into some editing work on the day’s photos. It’s tiring, and most of the time you want to sleep for days on end, but the night Warped Tour crew BBQ keeps us up and lifts even the lowest spirits. It’s one of those rare moments when everyone from main stage to catering is really together, and not one has passed that’s let us down.

After all this, Larry, his band, the crew, and I return to the bus and exchange stories before bed. It’s a long, long day, but one you’re always excited to begin again in the morning.

I’ll be writing another entry next week highlighting my favorite moments of this tour, but for now, here are a few of my favorite images thus far:

The Constellations

Patent Pending


Larry g(EE)

Avion Roe


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Send Us Your Best Warped Tour Photo And You Could Win Free Concert Tickets!

We’ve had a wild month out on the Vans Warped Tour with Larry g(EE), Avion Roe, Junior Doctor and more awesome artists. We know you Warped Tour fans have been snapping photos of the artists from the Stage, and now it’s time to put those to good use!

We want photos that scream “OurStage at Warped Tour.” It could be a photo of an artist performing on the Stage, you meeting your favorite OurStage artist, you modeling your OurStage Warped Tour tee…get creative! To enter, email your best “OurStage at Warped Tour” photo (with your name) to by August 1st.

We’ll post your photos on our Facebook page with your name in the caption, and the photo with the most likes by August 8th will be named the winner. The photographer of the winning snapshot will win two tickets to a concert of their choosing (some limitations will apply) and a prize pack from OurStage, Rock Steady Drums and more!

Read the official rules here.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Good luck!