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Name Your Price For Music From Stellar Young


photo by Ashley Nizolek

We recently featured Stellar Young‘s video for “Nomad” as our Video of the Month here at OurStage (you can see the current VotM on the homepage). Turns out that the Albany quintet is the band that just keeps on giving, and right now they’re offering their entire discography on a name-your-price basis, even if that price is ZERO. We particularly recommend their latest LP Vessels. Get it now! You can watch the “Nomad” video below.


Abby Payne Releases ‘The Gunfighter Meets His Match’


photo by Elizabeth Leitzell

New York’s Abby Payne has released her long-awaited new album The Gunfighter Meets His Match. Chock full of bouncing melodies, lush harmonies, subversive arrangements, and organic instrumentation complimented by electronic ambiance, it’s an unexpectedly refreshing singer-songwriter album. In fact it reminds us a bit of Mieka Pauley‘s subtly complex recent output.

The Gunfighter Meets His Match is a loose concept album, where Payne builds a character to represent her own struggles as an artist. She’s also adapting the story as a musical, which is due to premiere on August 25-26 at the Dorothy B. Williams Theater in SoHo as a part of HERE Arts Summer Sublet Series.

Though the album was released at the end of May, it’s only now become available on iTunes.

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Top Artists For May 2015

Every month, the OurStage community (that’s you) listens and ranks the songs competing on Once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast from the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans, both on terrestrial radio in the UK and online around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, but you can preview them now by clicking here for a playlist.

“Ready” by Danielle Diamond





“Holler” by Dawn and Hawkes





“O Caligula” by The House of Jed





“The Vines” by Indigo Blak





“Rotation” by Garyani





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Top Artists For December 2014

We’re closing the books on 2014, with a batch of quality winners, as ranked by our fan community over the month of December. These artists (and more from the top of our charts) will be featured on our next installment of OurStage on Amazing Radio, an online and terrestrial radio show broadcast out of the UK to hundreds of thousands of listeners. If you haven’t heard the previous show, it’s streaming now. Below are your December Top 5. Listen to a direct playlist of these songs by clicking here.

yourlovePOP FINALS:
“It’s Your Love” by Jillian Valentine
A soulful, intimate song that’s still universally accessible.





“How To Be Good” by Jesi Jones
With a thoughtful lyric and a voice as clear as a bell, Jesi Jones rises above the folk fray.





“Dirty Bomb” by Adios Mafia
Great to hear some punk take the top spot in rock. Cross Raw Power-era Stooges with Eagles of Death Metal. NSFW, as punk should be.




“A Little You And Me” by Ju’not
Classic R&B, straight out of 1974, but just as vital-sounding as anything on Top 40 today.




“Strings Of Serenity” by Space Walk
A sweeping, genre-melding mini-epic, incorporating ambient, classical, and Latin.



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You Me At Six Stream New Album

You Me At SixThere’s nothing like the feeling of new music creeping into your ears to beat the midweek blues. With You Me At Six now streaming their new album, Cavalier Youth, we’re excited to say that the hype we described when they teased their new track “Too Young To Feel This Old,” was justified. Check it out below.



Paris Hilton Returns To Music, Teases New Video

We have been hearing rumors over the last year that reality show / sex tape starlet Paris Hilton would be returning to the world of pop music, and this morning we can confirm that is indeed the case.

Paris Hilton has been out of the pop music landscape since her disastrous 2006 debut album, but after spending a number of years on the EDM bandwagon, the heiress is apparently ready to show music fans what she’s got. She signed a deal with Lil Wayne‘s Cash Money Records not long ago, and today she released a teaser for her comeback single, “Good Time,” which arrives October 1. You can view the teaser on Idolator.

It’s far too early to tell whether or not the world is ready for Paris Hilton to takeover the airwaves, or to do anything, really, but “Good Time” sounds like it’s probably no worse than any one of the numerous EDM-infused hits at radio today. Comment below to let us know your first impressions of “Good Time,” then stop back by on October 1 to stream the full song.

30 Seconds To Mars Cover Rihanna

Rock favorites 30 Seconds To Mars have built a reputation on recording larger-than-life rock anthems meant to be sung by throngs of people in arena or big, outdoor festival settings. During an appearance on BBC Radio 1, however, the trio took a turn for the subtler.

Joining the ranks of the rock bands who came before them, 30 Seconds To Mars let their love of Top 40 show by debuting a stirring cover of Rihanna‘s hit ballad, “Stay.” Frontman Jared Leto belted the sultry lines of loneliness and fleeting passion while accompanied by only piano and light drum work, and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us shed a tear or two. You can view a video of the performance below. (more…)

Thirty Seconds To Mars Stream 'Love Lust Faith + Dreams'

Alternative rock act Thirty Seconds To Mars have released a stream of their forthcoming album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams.

A long-awaited release, the latest from Thirty Seconds To Mars finds the Jared Leto fronted band again pushing the boundaries of contemporary rock and roll. 30STM have never been a group to deliver something trendy, rather they prefer to set the trends, and with Love Lust Faith + Dreams they might just inspire a new wave a bands to arise from the grey of unsigned nothingness. You can stream the effort here (or at the end of this post).

Love Lust Faith + Dreams hits stores next week. Will you be picking it up? (more…)

Betty Who Knows "Somebody Loves You"

Australian export Betty Who has recently landed in New York City with a love for 80s-influenced dance pop that will soon take over the world.

When you hear a hit song, something happens in your brain that in all my year I have been unable to perfectly explain. It’s like every pleasure receptor fires at once, as well as the part of you that gets excited when you find something of great worth/value. You know it’s priceless in its own way because there is some indescribable characteristic that makes it stick with you like glue. One artist to have that effect on us recently is Betty Who and now we want to share her with you. Click below and enjoy. (more…)

Fat Trel Releases "Wowzers" Freestyle

OS Member Fat Trel has become the first emcee brave enough to release a freestyle over Lil Wayne‘s “Wowzers” beat.

You may recall “Wowzers” from Weezy’s I Am Not A Human Being Part II, but what you didn’t know is that someone could ride it as well as Fat Trel has with this release. Wayne might have offered up a solid track with the original, but Trel goes in deep on these bars and really showcases hispotential for true greatness. He has found plenty of success reaching fans here on OurStage, so we’re not surprised to see him shine now. Click here to stream (and download) “Wowzers.”

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