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The New Shellac Is Coming!

dudeincredibleshellacSeven years after their last album, 2007’s Excellent Italian Greyhound, Chicago’s Shellac will release their sixth studio album, Dude Incredible, on September 16th via Touch and Go. The band – Steve Albini, Bob Weston, and Todd Trainer – are famously ultra-informal about touring, recording, performing, and, well, being a band, as illustrated by their official Touch and Go bio: “While there is no specific coordination between Shellac’s record releases and touring schedules, you can expect the band to tour at its usual sporadic and relaxed pace…Shellac will have a new LP anytime between now and the future.” And they remain beloved, especially in the indie rock community, for their integrity and minimalist approach to music making. Watch them in action at 2009’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, performing what looks to be the new album’s first track. (h/t CoS)

Track listing:

01.Dude Incredible
02. Compliant
03. You Came In Me
04. Riding Bikes
05. All The Surveyors
06. The People’s Microphone
07. Gary
08. Mayor/Surveyor
09. Surveyor

Please also watch this video of Albini on the joys of speaking faux-Italian, below.

Those Mockingbirds Release 'Penny The Dreadful' LP

penny-large mockingbirdsIt’s July the 1st, and for us, that means summer is in full swing. We’ve been so busy that the season has snuck up on us, and here we are without an album of the summer to call our own yet. Well, contender number one has just dropped. It’s called Penny the Dreadful and it’s by our old friends Those Mockingbirds. New Jersey’s finest have been building a formidable set of songs for this, their debut LP, and it is worth the wait. It’s rock and roll that revels in the guitars, drawing inspiration as much from current modern rock as from the great melodic guitar slashers from the ’90s, including Stone Temple Pilots (with better lyrics) and the often overlooked Hum. Get it on iTunes now – it could be your go-to summer rocker.

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OurStage Radio Featured In The Guardian

OurStage UpdatesThe Telegraph, UK’s most widely-circulated news source, has published a list of the world’s best Internet radio stations and have included your favorite and mine, We are certain this is due to the incredible wealth of talent supplied by so many great undiscovered artists.

“This innovative music service has an archive of songs by more than 125,000 unsigned artists, organised into 40 genres from Alternative to World. Listeners can tune into genre radio stations via the link above, or, if in a Simon Cowell frame of mind, can even judge between acts – the most successful of which get prizes.”

If you’re not already signed up, do it now – it’s easy, and you can connect via Facebook with a simple click. Then, get listening, tune your radio, pick favorites, make playlists, share, and judge channels.

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Bon Iver's New Track, "Heavenly Father"

bon-iver-justin-vernon_article_story_mainBon Iver‘s new track seems to be drawing new fans and seeing others return to the faithful fold. The song, “Heavenly Father,” was inspired by and will be featured in the new film by Zach BraffWish I Was Here. The soundtrack also features the work of The Shins, among other indie rock heroes, who were famously featured in Braff’s directorial debut feature, Garden State.

You can hear the new track over at NPR.

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Catch The Wallies On Tour

About a year ago, we told you about Florida garage rockers The Wallies. Well, now you can catch them on tour…if you’re lucky enough to live in the FLA, that is. For the rest of us, this is just another opportunity/reminder to listen to this fantastic emerging band. Check the dates below.


Ayla Nereo Guests With Mr. Lif On New Track From The Polish Ambassador

The eclectic Ayla Nereo is featured on the newest track by electronic maestro The Polish Ambassador, along with rapper Mr. Lif. The song, entitled “Let The Rhythm Just,” is the second collaboration between the three artists, and it appears on The Polish Ambassador’s Pushing Through The Pavement.

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Yonas' "Love Me Again"

A perennial favorite around here is our man Yonas, whose 2013 LP The Transition was in heavy rotation for months. Yonas delivers with flow and hooks for days, which is evident on his brand new track, “Love Me Again,” produced by Sean Ross.

Bonus: RT this one today for a chance to win a Yonas t-shirt.

Bronze Radio Return Make Rolling Stone's Bonnaroo Recap

We love it when our friends become successful. Bronze Radio Return have been building their career for years and are finally poised to break big. Last week, they headed down to Tennessee to play the Bonnaroo festival. That was impressive enough, and then there they were today, smiling at us from the Rolling Stone live and backstage photo gallery. Hello gents, and well done.

bronze radio bonnaroo

Photo: Coco Foto

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Be Part Of Late Cambrian's New Album

late cambrianNew York’s crunched-up guitar pop masters Late Cambrian (a.k.a. Deli Magazine’s ‘Best Band of 2013′) have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund their new album. The band has been teasing fans with some live versions of the new songs (see below) and are now offering more exclusive opportunities for rock and roll lovers like yourself, including the chance to have the band record your song, personal tour photos, an in-studio hang, Skype lessons/jam session, and even a song to be named after you on the album (that’s gonna cost you). Check it out here!

Mean Creek's "Anxiety Girl"

mean creekHello Monday. Here’s some new music for you, courtesy of Mean Creek, the Boston rock and roll band that is slowly and surely approaching critical mass. With the release of album number four, Local Losers, Mean Creek is revealed as one of the most confident and thrilling guitar-based bands working it today. Sure, the hallmarks of their influences are evident, with nods to some of the very best of ’80s-’90s underground rock, but here those elements are subsumed to a pure and unique voice. At a mere 2:40 running time, you’ll want to go ahead and roll this video for “Anxiety Girl” a couple two-three times.