H2-O Drops ‘idothisforthelove (1000 Words)’

H2-O PhotoPaterson, New Jersey’s own H2-O (aka Lemonte Williams) is back with a brand new project, released today, entitled idothisforthelove (1000 Words). The artist we once favorably compared to Nas worked with a number of high profile producers, including Flawless Tracks (Wale, Dr. Dre) and Stompboxx (Bubba Sparxxx), to create his most fully realized work yet. The album was preceded by the killer singles “Let Me Do That” and “Still Vivid” (both released around early autumn last year), and now we’ve got a preview of the excellent video for “Let Me Do That.” You can also watch the video for the utterly wrenching “Still Vivid,” released in January, after the jump.

idothisforthelove (1000 Words) is streaming here and available on iTunes now.


Beats Music's First Week Growing Pains

Beats MusicThe much-anticipated music streaming service Beats Music launched this week. True to its promise, Beats delivered a slick app and an engaging approach to listening to music, most notably with its curated playlists and its “the sentence” feature, which allows users to input time, place, and mood for a customized listening experience.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that things have not gone perfectly. Users have noted a few glitches with the streaming music, as well as substantial connectivity problems. Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers sent the following email yesterday evening, announcing that sign-ups will be temporarily frozen while they iron out the bugs:

Huge thanks to everyone for making our launch day yesterday so successful. We’ve been blown away by the love that made us the #1 Music App in the iTunes Store.

Due to the extremely high volume of interest in our service some users are experiencing issues. Most people are unaffected but our priority is to give everyone a great experience. We prepared for issues like these, have a plan, and are going to hold off on letting more people in while we put this plan in action.

For those of you that claimed your name in the lead up to launch, we still have your username reserved and we’ll be in touch with your invite. We appreciate your support.

Everyone who registers this week will get an additional seven days added to their trial.

We’re staying focused on bringing you the best music experience from the people who know what song comes next. Stay tuned, and thanks for being excited about Beats Music.

Let’s hope these are the usual growing pains and that Beats will be up and running at full capacity soon.


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Beats Music Streaming Service To Launch January 21

Beats MusicWatch out Spotify, there’s a new streaming service in town. Created by Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Luke Wood, Ian Rogers, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch NailsBeats Music will finally see its long awaited launch next Tuesday, Jan. 21, with AT&T as their exclusive carrying partner.

According to the Beats website, users will “[g]et playlists, curated by the best music experts. Recommendations, served up based on your interests. And you can even tell Beats Music where you are, what you’re feeling, and who you’re with, and we’ll deliver the perfect stream of music.”

Plans will start at $10, and AT&T will offer a family plan that allows five accounts to use the service for just $15/month.

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Interscope Teases New Music From Eminem, Dr. Dre, And More

Interscope Records has released a new trailer teasing the releases that still await in 2013 and trust us, you need to see it.

Eminem, Dr. Dre, and No Doubt are just a few of the notable faces seen in the latest advertisement from interscope. The ad teases a number of announced releases without expressly saying ‘coming this year,’ so we are assuming the message being conveyed is one of what lies ahead. You can view the clip below.

So which Interscope release are you looking forward to the most? Comment below and let us know.

Detroit’s Channel 955 radio station claims Eminem will release something on July 2. Stay tuned for confirmation. (more…)

I’ll Tell Ya What: Our Favorite Athlete Songs of All Time

By Nick Friedman. So ESPN Magazine‘s “Music Issue” hit my doorstep yesterday morning and I’ll tell ya what, its unreal. Outside of the insipid, dimwitted Ryan Lochte making an appearance on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind with his goods protected by a Speedo (remember, that baby was NAKED), each and every other “cover act” was golden.

But after flipping through photos of linebacker Lamar Woodley as Jam Master Jay, quarterback Josh Freeman with immaculate, Michael Jackson-esque jerry curls, and MLB studs Brandon Phillips and Justin Upton rocking red Devo energy dome caps, I got to thinking: which athletes actually succeeded at making music? Obviously – with the exception of the late, great Wayman Tisdale – no athlete has ever really produced a full body of work we’d consider credible. Nevertheless, there have been some classic releases that I will forever enjoy bumping in my dorm room or in the hooptie. So, without further ado, here are my nine favorite athlete songs of all time. Why not ten? There just aren’t ten.

9.) Wayman Tisdale—“Let’s Do It Again”

The reason for holding the only athlete who I consider having a credible body of work at the number nine spot? Because my favorite track of his was just begging to feature Michael McDonald. Instead, Wayman decided to keep it strictly acoustic and left a would-be masterpiece haunting our consciences. Why no Michael McDonald, Wayman? WHY?


Top 25 Highest-Paid Musicians: Do Your Favorites Make The List?

Forbes has released their annual Top 25 list for the highest-paid musicians in 2012. While we may wish that it was swarming with OurStage artists (all in due time) we’re certain you’ll recognize and love more than a few of these names.

Topping the list this year is Dr. Dre with $110 million in earnings, to which he owes a great deal of thanks to his Beats headphone line. You’ll also find long time favorites Elton John ($80 million) and U2 ($78 million) among the list, with the fresh faces of Taylor Swift ($57 million) and Justin Bieber ($55 million) not far behind. Check out the full list after the jump. (more…)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Black Keys Announce New Album in 2013

Though it might seem like The Black Keys would want to take it easy for a little while after the last two years, which saw the release of the group’s two most popular albums, a deluge of festival performances, and many major licensing deals, they just can’t seem to stop putting out new records. And that’s a good thing.  The Akron, Ohio duo of drummer Patrick Carney and guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach have been churning out a new album almost every year since their sophomore record Thickfreakness came out in 2003, and they have recently announced that their upcoming album will definitely be completed in 2013.

In an interview with CBS Local, drummer Carney noted that he and Auerbach want to “take a few months off to do normal things like go to bed early and wake up early, walk the dog, that kind of stuff,” but that those things will only happen after their next album is recorded. Now that is some work ethic. Somebody should tell that to Dr. Dre, who seems too busy making obscene amounts of money off of his Beats headphones instead of finishing Detox, which has been in the works for over a decade. Keep ’em coming, guys.

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Simon Cowell And Sony Release Custom X Headphones

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has recently teamed up with Sony to design a line of high-end, studio-quality headphones. Cowell’s newest business venture has him following in the steps of Dr. Dre, whose custom line of Beats headphones recently netted him the top spot on the list of the world’s richest hip-hop artists. Cowell’s custom X Headphones will feature memory foam earpads that form to the shape of the listener’s ears. The large, swiveling earpads also reportedly block most outside noise and provide enhanced low-end bass reception. Speaking of the headphones’ quality, Cowell stated, I needed a serious tool to be able to do my job. I’ve tried all of [the headphones], literally every single one. And I just wanted something better. The rest of the world’s headphones were seen crying as Cowell left a nearby Best Buy where he had told them that they sounded like one-year-olds making babbling noises. The X Headphones will retail for $299.99, and will reportedly lack a feature that injects harsh criticism of whatever god-awful song you’re currently singing along to in your horrendous, mouse“like excuse for a voice.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012