Top Artists For August 2015

Every month, the OurStage community (that’s you) listens and ranks the songs competing on Once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast from the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans, both on terrestrial radio in the UK and online around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, but you can preview them now by clicking here for a playlist.

“Falling For Your Everything” by The Chance




“A Love Quite Like Yours” by Derren Raser




“Creatures” by Soapbox Army




“What’s Good” by Axcess ft. Maskerade




“Dance With Me In The Starlight” by Mark Barnes




Check out all the additional 1st place songs from our genre channels here.

Spotify Offering Free Mobile Music Streaming

I can’t count the number of times I’ve reached for my phone in the hopes that I could make use of my free Spotify subscription, only to be reminded that without paying the $10/month fee, it just isn’t going to happen. But thanks to a new rollout by Spotify, it looks like all that is about to change this Wednesday, December 11th. Sort of.

The new platform, which will offer a free, ad supported service for mobile users with a working WiFi connection, will allow you to select 15 tracks to play in random rotation. Think of it as the streaming version of the iPod Shuffle. Except that Spotify will also give your playlist an expiration date, eventually requiring you to switch it up with a new list of songs.

More details will be announced during a press conference this Wednesday.

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A Very OurStage Thanksgiving

We’ve all been there before: It’s mid-October and you’re walking around Wal-Mart, halfheartedly looking for a costume and mostly using the trip as an excuse to scour the aisles for cheap Halloween candy, when suddenly your ears detect something amiss.

Is that…? It can’t be. But it is! That superhuman wail is unmistakable! Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is playing over the crackling Super Center speakers! A wave of disgust washes over you (Seriously, Christmas songs already?), which is quickly overtaken by panic (“I haven’t bought a single present yet!”), which then turns into joy (I’m going to get SO MANY PRESENTS!). Or, at the very least, the feeling becomes a sort of numbness to all things Santa-related that lasts until December 25th rolls around and you’re promised another ten months that are free from Michael Bublé and his stupid, charming face.

Just thinking about the sheer number of times you’ll have to hear “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” before the year is out is enough to make anyone nauseous, regardless of how much egg nog you’ve had to drink. But the real bummer here is that Thanksgiving songs get totally overlooked in all the hubbub. One minute, you’re getting your spooky on with the help of “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” and then suddenly you find yourself humming along to “The 12 Days of Christmas,” almost against your will.

But here at OurStage, we don’t stand for that. We like autumn, we love turkey, and we can’t live without music, so we compiled a playlist of some of the very best Thanksgiving-themed tracks. Check out this collection of songs about stepping on crunchy leaves, being grateful for what you have, and how much food rules* on our very special Thanksgiving playlist.

A Very OurStage Thanksgiving by Emily Cassel on Grooveshark

*Disclaimer: We included at least one tune about how much autumn kind of sucks, actually. But, like… there’s so little daylight, you guys. And it’s so cold.


OS Flashback: Metal Mondays – Obligatory Halloween Playlist

From the vaults – a Halloween classic from 2011.

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means that it would almost be a disservice to readers everywhere if this post didn’t honor the day in some way. Because of metal’s dark nature, the possibilities are endless. I’ll save the “Rocktober” and Misfits references (as awesome as the Misfits are), and just deliver you eight great OurStage metal songs that directly or indirectly relate to Halloween. Scary things, ghosts, zombies and/or the undead ” you name it. Why exactly the eve of All Hallows Day (aka All Saints Day) was chosen to be about evil things we’re not so sure, but we’re not going to argue.

Now that you’ve got your tunes, let’s tell you a bit about them:

“Initial State of Death” by They Might Be Zombies – Zombies and Halloween go hand in hand. This band may or may not be solely comprised of zombies (we’re still not totally sure). All we know is that, if they are indeed the walking dead, they’ve still got pretty good finger dexterity.

“Epidemic” by hord – Ah, the zombie apocalypse. 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead showed us the terror an epidemic just might lead to. Here’s the sonic version.

“Where Did They Hyde Dr. Jekyll” by Social Jet Lag – The classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is always appropriate for Halloween. We’re not sure that the song is actually about that story, but the title is, and the song’s good enough that we’ll let is slide (just this once).

“Night Of The Rising Death” by Black Divinity – We promise we’re not intentionally filling this playlist with zombie-themed songs, but sometimes a song is just too evil to pass up. Black Divinity bring the fire with some truly evil vocals and riffs galore.

“Today You Will Die” by Gargantuan – Zombies are pretty scary “ that’s no secret. You know what else is scary? Serial killers. Something about sensing your own impending doom is just a tad unsettling, and Gargantuan capture the feeling pretty well on this track.

“Arise” by Still Screaming – There’s not really all that much you need to know about this song other than that it’s a crossover thrash/hardcore punk jam with the hook “We arise from the ashes of the dead tide!” If that’s not evil sounding, I don’t really know what is.

“Gift of a Ghost” by Einvera – I’m not sure about anyone else, but giving someone a ghost as a present seems like a really lame gift. I wouldn’t exactly be pumped up about being haunted. Thankfully, however, Einvera’s music is better than their gift ideas.

“Jesus Hates Zombies” by Above The Abyss – Jesus probably hates evil, that much is evident. Zombies are evil, that’s also pretty obvious. I think Above The Abyss might be onto something here. Jesus might also be into irony, since by some definitions, Jesus could be considered a zombie (after all, he was dead, and then alive again).

What metal songs get you in the Halloween spirit? Let us know in the comments.

Soundtrax: Anti-Valentine's Day Songs

Anti-Valentine’s Day by OurStage on Grooveshark


For those of you who couldn’t stand all the sap in our Valentine’s Day playlist, this one’s for you. We’ve filled this week’s Soundtrax with heartache, misery, and a touch of independence for those of you looking to get away from candy-filled hearts and store-bought flowers. Frank Turner, the Buzzcocks, and OurStage artist the Airborne Toxic Event are just a few of the bands on this week’s list that are right there beside you.

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Girls, send this list to your significant other. Boys, pay attention. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if the rows of heart shaped candy boxes and giant red teddy bears lining supermarket shelves haven’t clued you in, we’re here to remind you….again. Valentine’s Day may be one of the more ridiculous holidays that we honor, but nevertheless, here we are. And in truth, we’ll take any excuse to provide you with an awesome playlist. So scroll down and get into the Valentine’s Day mood. Romance, love, and plenty of sap. (more…)

Soundtrax: February Blues

February Blues by OurStage on Grooveshark

For those of us not living in the Sunshine State, we’ve been facing some pretty harsh cold spells lately. And those of us in the Northeast this weekend, well, we’re about to get smothered in snow. When the weather is dipping below zero degrees, and you can’t leave the house without five layers and some seriously dependable thermal wear, you just might get what I like/hate to call the February blues. To help you cope, we’ve put together a Soundtrax that’s full of songs honoring this increasingly chilly month. Enjoy.

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Soundtrax: Songs For Slumber

Songs For Slumber by OurStage on Grooveshark


There’s nothing better than the feeling of crawling into bed after a long night out. The way your body sinks into the mattress, and your pillow feels like a cloud of comfort beyond the capability of man to devise. So next time you fall into bed with heavy eyelids, keep this playlist in mind. Comprised of soft tunes to lull you into dreamland, it won’t be long before you’re catching some well deserved Z’s.

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Soundtrax: Songs For The Semester

Soundtrax: Songs For The Semester by OurStage on Grooveshark

Remember how excited you were when you took that last final exam back in December? The holidays were just around the corner, Starbucks still had their special holiday drinks, and you’d made endless plans with friends and family to spend a full month taking a breather from the chaos and stress of student life.

Well, those days are long gone, and before you know it you’ll be back in the classroom, dragging yourself to 8 a.m. classes with a cup of not-holiday-flavored coffee, and looking forward to the next break.

For now, here’s a little back to school playlist to get you in the new semester groove.

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Soundtrax: Old Fashioned Punk-Rock

Soundtrax: Old Fashioned Punk-Rock by OurStage on Grooveshark

There’s nothing like a little old fashioned punk-rock to really get the blood flowing, am I right? It inspires raw emotion, feelings of pure chaos and undeniable passion. It harkens to the days when CBGB’s was an iconic rock club and not a high-end retailer. When the Chelsea Hotel housed artists of all kinds from Bob Dylan to Charles Bukowski, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, and of course Sid Vicious.

I’ll tell you one thing. The Buzzcocks got it right when they sang “And although this may sound strange, my future and my past are presently disarranged” (a song coincidentally is on this playlist). Because right now, we’re taking you back to the ’70s, with a little dose of the ’80s, and present day for good measure. Rock on.

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